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Canon printers are one of the most commonly used printers that help the users to get the best quality results printout that makes the task easier and make it very fast and the printouts that are required in the whole world and all the professional work is totally based on the printer works. So that the printer work is a must for that and if the user wants that good quality printout then the user should go for the good quality company and the canon is one of the companies that will help the user for the better result in Printer scans. Canon IJ printer has good customer support that helps the user for the better support and that makes the customer satisfaction and that’s the thing every customer required when the customer goes to buy the product. In this article, we will discuss that there are many reasons why a Canon IJ printer does not work and what are the solution to get rid of it and we will discuss all the reasons and the solutions in a detailed manner.

These are the reason why the canon ij printer is not able to print:-

1.Due to the Clogged nozzles:-

Sometimes the user may face the problem that is clogged nozzle due to this the printer got faint and the printer quality is not getting good and there is incomplete print. This issue arises due to the printer heads are clogged over in the printer and the small amounts of ink get gathered and dried in the printer and then the dried residue will get stuck on the nozzles that line so that printer does not get the good quality in that paper. There are many reasons that cause the problems in the Canon IJ setup for the correct page information.

A technical issue with the Power Problem of the Printer:-

If  the user does not get the light on the Display of the Led screen of the printer then there may be a problem in the printer so that user should check the power outlet in the computer and the user may reattach the power cable and then again plugging and unplugging the power cord for the technical issues that will get fixed in the issue and this issue seems to be easy sometimes this issue occurs many problems.

Connection Problems in the Canon IJ Printer and the PC:-

The user can face the issue because of the wrong connection in between the printer and the PC and the user may check the connection is secured or not. There is an unsecured connection in between the Printer and the PC so that cause the problems for the printer for not working properly. 

Due to the driver update:-

There may be the problem occurs due to the not updating of the printer driver and this problem can be easily sorted out by just downloaded the Canon IJ printer drivers from the official site of the canon and make sure that you are using the latest version of the printer otherwise it will not work properly.

How can the user fix the issue for Canon printer is not working properly:-

The users have to face many issues for the printer and these are stated below in order to  fix the issue of the canon ij setup that is not working and these solutions will surely help the users and if after these solutions users do not  get satisfaction then the user can call on the customer support then will provide a better solution to the users:-

  1. User must clean the printer head if the user face these type of issues then the problem will be sorted out very easily 
  2. If the user sees that the ink out light is blinking then the user should clean the printer head that will help to solve the issue 
  3. The user may press the ink button again so that in order to return the printer head back to the old position that it had before so that the user has to implement the step and then after that, the user will get the proper solution.

4. Canon IJ setup is another way to get the solution and it is necessary to restart the printer when the user does not get the proper result in these solutions make sure that the user should reinstall the printer and makes the printer setup for the solution.

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