5 Best Android Apps for Creating a Video Animation

Technology is the one thing that has brought ease and ultimate relaxation in our lives, and with the advancement of science, we can expect to see more breathtaking inventions in the upcoming year. The purpose of these inventions not only to explore different fields of science or to showcase the creative, but the utmost motive of technology is merely to provide extreme comfort and put the human life in a stress-free environment where we have to worry less and invest less effort in order to attain what we want. In order to provide this luxury, a scientist working in this domain are striving to enable us to afford such contentment.

Video Animation

Video animation is one of the computer science branches that had bloomed so rapidly in the past couple of decades when in the beginning it was considered as a very small inconsiderable part and was only meant to serve entertainment for the kids. With the latest advancements and mesmerizing features, animation jumped out of the entertainment field and started serving in other areas of the profession as well.

With the help of so many marvelous video animation software and animation video maker online tools, it has become so easy for the animators to create the animation video of any type with ease. There are paid software that requires a lot of storage, which is used in the professional industry mostly to create the entire animated movies, games, 3D rendering animation, and other similar highly professional projects. Also, who have storage issues and want to create small projects like explainer videos or motion graphics type projects can easily use animation video maker online tools to get their work done.

Android Apps to Create Animation

Since we are no more residing in the world where we have to be dependent on anyone else to get our work done efficiently and in good quality, and we are blessed with the best solutions to carry out the tasks ourselves, it is easy for us to create the animated videos without paying to anyone. As we all carry the smartphones with us these days, and out of the entire smartphone using population, the majority is of Android users, there are so many helpful and easy-to-use mobile applications available for the Android users to create the video animation easily.

Some of these amazing and commonly used Android video animation applications are discussed below that one can install easily on their Android phone.

FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation

It offers the users a very user-friendly platform to create the animated cartoons with as ease by using the frame by frame animation. It has a vast collection of features that includes drawing tool sets, text tools, frame manager, build animation features, and onion & animation layers to create video animation without any difficulty.

Animator – Make Your Own Cartoons

If you want to create some nicely designed animated cartoons on your Android phone without paying any cash, then Animator is the best application that you can easily download from the Google play store. It has so many amazing features like drawing and sketching tools, frames manager, easy to build animation video tools, tools to control the animation length and speed, and it also offers the user to export the video or GIF file that they create.

PicsArt Animator – Create GIF & Video

We can say that PicsArt Animator is one of the excellent animation tools among all the other tools that are available at the Google play store for Android users. It has been developed by the PicsArt Developers and is used by thousands of people to create an animated cartoon video without facing too much trouble. Even though if you are not a qualified animator you can easily create a video using this application as it provides a very user-friendly environment allowing the user to learn the use of the application so easily, in order to create the video animation.

Its main features include creating frame by frame animation, tools to manage animation length and speed; it also offers a collection of stickers to include in the animation and many other handy features that can help to create a good quality video animation.

Animate It

Animate It is one of the best video animation Android application that comes in handy and provides a very suitable environment for the users to create the animated video without possessing any experience. It has some amazing built-in features like Skins to select for the characters, land creation, character selection, tools to create and edit an animation, and many other primary features. It also comprises of a vast library of props or objects that includes hat, guitar, sword, etc.

Stick Draw

Stick Draw is used to create simple and plain animated videos like whiteboard video animations. The user can easily draw the sketch in the application, and then animate them by adding movements and activities in the drawings. It is easily available for the Android users on the Google play store for free of cost. Its major features include tools to draw the sketches, easy navigation system, insert and move the frame, background images options, and options to export the video.

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