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8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than Other Softwares

From all kinds of colors to styles, you can find it on an android phone. There’s a fairly long list of Smartphone’s that have Android software because of its longevity and how it can easily tailor to the needs and wants of its users. There’s nothing better than having the phone that reflects your personality and this great invention provides you with that advantage. Here a few reasons why an android is better than any other software’s like iOS and windows:

1. Reasonable prices
The first and foremost reason why phones having android software is better than other software’s like iOS is that it has fairly reasonable prices that everyone can afford. Phones with various sizes and colors and features are all available in any android device which means that it’s available at just any budget. Not everyone can afford apple phones but everyone can afford an android. It’s a solid choice when people have a low budget but they want to experience a true Smartphone experience. Affordability is one of the key factors that make the Android world better and with a fairly good budget you can choose any Smartphone that is way better than an iPhone.

2. Customizable
Flexibility and what people want matters in this era. People do not want things to control them. They want things that give them various choices for them to choose from. Android respects this. It gives its users a customizable experience where they can have everything from their own choice of keyboards to live wallpaper. While Apple phones do not have the option to customize their default apps, android phones provide users with that option. Some manufacturers like the Motorola and LG are providing their users with an option to customize their hardware as well.

3. Widgets
The most inspiring feature of Android is that it gives widgets worth investing in. Even Windows got inspired by their live widgets and added that in their software. It allows you to see all the information you want to without using an application. This saves the battery life of the phones and also the time application consumes. Everything is available at one glance.

4. Multi-tasking
Another advantage of this invention is multi-tasking. All software’s offer the users to multitask that is to switch app back and forth but the multitasking experience that Android offers have no comparison. For example, Samsung offered its users with the option of multi-window long time ago where they can easily look at two apps at one time. This made many people happy and they started invested in these phones.

5. Launchers
There’s nothing better than a system that is according to your needs and looks exactly the way you want it to. Compare one iPhone to another iPhone and you will see no difference in the way they work and look. But it’s different in this software. This software offers many custom launchers. Users can easily download it from their play store and modify everything from their home screen layout to page effects and gestures. According to assignment help, if you love the handset but you are not really in love with the launcher, you can easily change it by downloading another one from the store. There are also launchers available that give you the same feel as windows software or iOS.

6. Custom ROMs
Replaceable software with a custom ROM is one of its greatest advantages. It’s basically switching to a new operating system if your previous one is slow to upgrade or if you want the new and latest version very badly. This advantage allows you with a better performing phone and some add-ons and exciting tools. This step might involve taking precautions and care but at the end of the day, the benefits are huge.

7. Google integration
Android and Google are perfect together with Android working smoothly using various services offered by Google. Google is the king of the internet with apps like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Maps and there is a huge list while the software’s like iOS is lagging behind. The deep level of integration is still not there in apple phones and the only king of customizable phones offers a large array of Google apps for its members to choose from.

8. Free apps and games
Everything that is free sounds good. Android offers more free applications and games compared to other software’s. While most of the applications available in apple have a price tag, this innovation offers the same application freely. Plus, the greatest advantage of this invention is that it keeps upgrading every day. It’s always fixing its weaknesses and does not stick to one change for a long time.

In short, the above mentioned are a few reasons why android is way better than other software’s. It’s investing in looking after peoples need and is constantly developing and updating itself.

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