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How Businesses Benefit From Real Time Validation Services

When marketing your business, you have to consider so many nuances that it seems you should have a couple of hundred employees in the marketing department.

Thankfully, you don’t need even half as many. Today, marketing specialists have so many digital assistants that it’s possible to tweak the campaign without hiring new people or working overtime.

One of the services business owners rarely think about while marketers truly appreciate is real-time email, address, and phone number validation. This simple service can save a company formidable amounts of money in just a few seconds.

What Is Real-Time Validation?

In simple words, it’s a program that ensures the contact details of your existing and potential clients are valid.

Depending on your needs, it filters out invalid email addresses, wrong phone numbers, and bad postal addresses.

The program works with numerous databases to make sure you are sending your messages to the people who really exist and want to receive them.

How can it benefit your business? Let’s find out.

1. Financial Savings and Cost Cutting

What happens when you send a parcel to the wrong address? You incur unnecessary mailing costs. The same problem occurs when you dial a wrong number. In the best case, you’ll hear “the number is not in service.” In the worst case, you’ll reach a person, who doesn’t want to talk to you. In both cases, you lose valuable time and money.

By taking advantage of real-time validation services, you don’t spend money on unnecessary actions and cut costs of your marketing campaign.

2. Time Savings and Campaign Improvements

What’s just as valuable as money? Your time. Here are a few simple ways the real-time validation services can save you time:

  •  Keeping the email or address and phone list hygiene on your own is terribly time-consuming. You would have to delegate this task to one marketing specialist and lose him or her for a day or two.
  •  Talking to the wrong people on the phone can also steal time from your employees, who could be spending it on converting potential customers.
  •  Negotiating with delivery services to figure out where the parcel went and making follow up calls to nowhere is another way to waste precious time.
  •  Dealing with bad IP reputation due to bounced and spammed emails is frustrating and time-consuming.

The list of time-demanding problems goes on and on. Real-time validation services can help you forget about it.

3. Improving Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with wrong emails, parcels, and calls can hinder your reputation. Imagine sending the client’s goods to the wrong address? You won’t just incur additional costs but lose a customer. What about failing to make a follow-up call due to a typo?

Many people make typos when entering their contact information. Losing a client just because you didn’t notice the typo is unfortunate.

According to email address validation experts at Byteplant, typos are one of the easiest problems to fix with real-time validation services. Meanwhile, looking for them manually takes up too much time without bringing 100% results.

4. Complying with the Law and Avoiding Fines

Let’s go a little deeper into problems people face with sending emails to the wrong addresses. Imagine sending promotional materials to the email address with a typo. Essentially, you are sending all your information to a client, who doesn’t need it. Or worse, someone who doesn’t want it.

For example, if you are a flower shop, you may be sending discounts for roses to someone who is terribly allergic to them. As a result, your emails end up in the spam folder at best. In the worst case, the person may be so annoyed with your emails that he or she could file a complaint.

High bounce rates and bad IP reputation can lead to unfortunate consequences such as fines. Your IP or domain may get blacklisted, forcing you to change your email address or service provider.

5. Increasing Your Revenue

Besides cutting costs on your marketing campaign, real-time validation services can increase your revenue. It takes an average of eight calls to get in touch with a prospect following the initial contact. Imagine making them to the wrong phone number. Without the right contact information, you could lose dozens of customers.

Meanwhile, by contacting them on time, you can achieve higher conversion rates and increase your revenue. Without a straightforward and error-free way to reach your clients, you can’t achieve good results with your marketing campaign.

The majority of potential buyers aren’t sure about making a purchase. Without follow-up, they are likely to change their minds.

6. Fixing Mistakes Before They Cost You Money

Real-time validation can catch the clients’ typos before they submit the contact form. Instead of dealing with the email or phone list hygiene post factum, trying to figure out what the person wanted to say, you are helping the user to change the information immediately.

People make typos all the time. Even if they’ve typed their email address impeccably thousands of times, according to Murphy’s Law, they’ll make the first mistake when they use your website.

With real-time validation services, you can be sure you are getting a clean contact list without looking back at the possible errors.

7. Enjoying Peace of Mind

Any marketing campaign is time-consuming and costly. Working hard and paying considerable amounts for a campaign that doesn’t work is a nightmare of any business owner. Failing to reap the benefits of a top-notch campaign due to something as minor as a typo is downright ridiculous.

Real-time validations services aren’t costly or hard to use. The only mistake a marketing expert can make with these services is not to use them.

By taking advantage of this software, you can enjoy peace of mind and go on to other tasks, which can’t be completed without your assistance.

Digital marketing implicates using AI to improve your promotional efforts. Don’t hesitate to do it.

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