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Top 10 best android games for music lover

Thanks for landing guys, if you are searching for best music games for your android devices then I must say you are in the right place. After doing lots of research, I finally manage to prepare the collection of top 10 best android games for music lovers. If you are one of those persons who love to listen to music in free time then I must say this place is made for you one, keep reading.

Top 10 Best Android Games for Music Lovers

Before starting my countdown, I like to thank you all for supporting me. So here I bring you the top 10 best android game for the music lover, which I usually like to play in my free time.

  1. Piano Magic Tiles Challenges 2

So let’s begin our countdown with my most favourite Android music game, Piano Magic Tiles Challenges 2. Almost everyone was familiar with the playing Piano, if you are not then must give a try, you surely going to love it. It’s looking straightforward game but trust me it’s not. The game comes with impressive design and graphics. Its UI makes you feel like you are playing a real opulent classical piano made with rich mahogany. The best part is, it gives you a glimpse of melody and rhythm beyond imagination through every touch! Piano Magic Tiles Challenges 2

  1. Real Drum

Now let’s move one step forward to real android music app for drum lovers, real drum. It’s effortless to play, you move your fingers on the palm of the drum, and the sound is played together. A fun, classic UI of this App. It is Ideal for those who want to learn the drum without making much noise or too much space. You don’t require any knowledge about drumming, and it comes with 60 lessons rhythms with tutorial for you to learn to play. Real Drum

  1. Tabla

Next on the list is a table, dedicated to who are eager to become Tabla player. Tabla comes with Indian, Arabian and Latin percussion sounds. You can play Play Tabla easily using headphone. As per features is a concern it comes with amazing options include 13 realistic drum sounds, studio audio quality, multi-touch, record mode, and even more to try. Tabla

  1. Real Guitar

Real Guitar, lightweight, and easy to use App. Ideal for those who want to have fun or learn to play the Guitar. As always, I say it’s fun to learn. Easy to handle! There are three modes in Real Guitar: Cords EZ, Cords Normal and Solo. It has a recording mode that lets you watch live music. For example, you can record a song, and then you can play a single track on your recordings. Comes with 16 loops to play with the application Don’t believe me try yourself. Real Guitar

  1. Real flute

Next on the list is Magic Flute, Amazing flute playing with beautiful user interface and sound effects. Playing the flute Flute with drums, Piano, Guitar, and other musical instruments. You will be the main actor in the band! No lessons are needed; you can play famous pop songs like Green Slewes and Love Story, “The Sound of Silence,” and classical piano songs “Fur Elise,” “Leopard Melody.” The App is packed with 100+ Bollywood flute melodies and songs. Magic Flute

  1. Electro Pads

Next on the list is electro pads, fun and easy to play.  With this, you can make your electronic music. Try it now! There are 90 drum pads with different beats, loops, and vocals that are perfect beats for you! Not only can you beat, but you can also record your voice and use it in the mix. If you haven’t tried this android music app ever then must try it now, you surely going to love it.

  1. Dhol Beats

Now let’s move one step forward to my best android music game, Dhol is a traditional music instrument in Asia. The main target of the game is to tap the drums before they go out of the screen to keep the beat-synchronized. Get ready to enjoy traditional music in a new style! You will love the challenging gameplay and beat your high score while enjoying the awesome music, see yourself in top of the scorecard. If you like to kill your free time while playing games on your Android device, they must give a try. Dhol Beats

  1. BEAT MP3 2.0 – Rhythm Game

Next generation of music game is BEAT MP3. This game is exclusive for the music analysis system. Moreover, it can make remarkable beat timing looks like which songwriters made it. The game is easy to play, and you have to hit the notes with time to achieve the highest score. After that, you are ready to share your score with your friends. Even you can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis. BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game. You may also like to read my previous article, Best mp3 album art grabber software for your Windows and Mac PC

  1. Extreme Balancer 3

Now let’s move one step forward to our next android music game, 9.     Extreme Balancer 3. Balance is a newly launch game with a different concept, and if you are an expert in balancing, then I must say this game is made for you only. Very addictive game, I always love to play it while waiting for someone at a public place. You can play it for hours or just a few minutes, and you will still be satisfied. No boring. Install extreme Balancer 3 now

  1. Horse Dash Runner game

Last but not the least android music game on my list, Horse Dash Runner. Horse runner games specially designed for kiddies with tons of passion for sports with horses. Designed with attractive and dreamy backgrounds, grasses, and obstacles like cliffs, broken grasslands. You can say the best real unicorn game that kids will love to play. Moreover, you can find a heavenly environment with great graphics by covering distance, collecting moons, jumping and avoiding obstacles and get horses like ‘Lisa’ and more of your Favorited. Horse Dash Runner game


Finally, I hope friends you are satisfied with the “Top 10 Best Android Games for Music Lovers “if you enjoyed my collection then do let me know in the comments below. Unfortunately, if I have forgotten to mention your best android music game in my list then do let me know in comments below. Thanks for visiting and stay connected.

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