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Best Web Hosting Providers 2019 | Cloud Hosting

What is web hosting – Web hosting is basically a really fast computer or server, where all the information on your website is store your images or text everything. And when people enter your website, they see all the information that the stored on that computer or death server.

Best Web Hosting Providers 2019, Best Web Hosting Providers 2019 | Cloud Hosting

List of Best Web Hosting Providers 2019


BlueHost Web Hosting  – Your website on the right place is not an easy task to do to the large number of hosting companies. This in depth review of Blue Host calm will help you make the right choice. BlueHost offers three hosting plans. The basic one for $3 and 50 cents per month is with 50 gigabytes web space, one website hosted and unlimited bandwidth. The plus plan for about $6 per month, offers 10 websites hosted 150 gigabyte web space. 100 email accounts and marketing toolkit of $150 included the pro plan for about $14 per month has unlimited bandwidth disk space, and websites. Also with $300 worth of marketing offers and one SSL certificate, all the plans have one free domain included.

You are also covered with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Let’s pick the first one, the panel is user friendly and well organized. There is a side button for anytime walkthrough guidance. At the main page, you will find the promised marketing credits being AdWords and woo themes, each with a value of $100. You can also add SEO features to your website with the solo SEO plans, starting for about $3 per month.


Why Siteground Web Hosting, why not a different web hosting platform. I’ve been using more web hosting platforms, and I like Saigon the most, the worst says are really fast I did some test and they come up first. Not only I did some tests, a lot of other people did test and sank around gives you really fast web hosting what also like is live chat, I had three issues so far, and three times they helped me within five minutes, I was really happy because I was getting stuck. So I really liked live chat, and they have beautiful things to say about themselves but let’s take a look at what other people say. So I just googled and grab the first page. And here you see some features free transfer and support recommended by WordPress itself. 30 day money back guarantee. 99.9 uptime guarantee 24 seven tech support this live chat or you can call them at f3 backups and siteground hosting is rated 4.8 out of five which is outstanding. There’s a big WordPress web hosting group with around 8000 members and they do a poll every year. And if you take a look. Second, comes up, number one, every time for the last few years, so people that are interested in webs web hosting like cycling, the most.


HostGator Web Hosting is a place to store all your website information on special computers called servers. After all, your website doesn’t just float around in the internet ether is about a place to call it home. Now I know some of you can’t spare a dime and probably use free services but that still comes at a bit of a cost, rather than shame you for getting free web hosting or tell you why it isn’t a good option. I want to tell you how HostGator is not at all expensive, and can be quite affordable, if used properly. Now, I’ll make it no secret The HostGator hatching hosting plan costs about, same as their competitor GoDaddy in are considerably cheaper than their higher end competitor of Squarespace. And when it comes to getting your preferred domain name or web address it gets down to nickels and dimes. In fact, most good domain name providers will cost anywhere from a buck to 15 bucks for the first year depending largely on how specialized The name is so I won’t mince words with the fact that regardless of where you get your website name doesn’t so much matter as long as you’re willing to do a few extra steps. If your web hosting is with another company. I make it easy on myself and simply order my domain names from HostGator since it’s simple to attach the domain to my hosting package, where you get the biggest bang for your buck is through the upgraded HostGator hosting package plan called the Baby Plan. In the basic HostGator hatchling plan, you can attach one domain name meaning you’re limited to only one site. That’s not a bad deal if you only want to focus on one brand or one avenue for your business. Since my business plan calls for multiple landing pages websites and affiliate marketing avenues, I need a hosting package that can hold numerous domain names. That’s where the hostgator baby hosting plan comes into play. You get unlimited domain hosting meaning if you want to set up 50 different sites you can do that, and hostGator uses a variety of website builders including my favorite WordPress, it’s easier than ever to have a site that’s eye catching and mobile friendly, the latter option is critical in this day and age of mobile technology. Here’s the killer part hostgator baby hosting plan is only $5 and 95 cents per month for your first year after that increases about 12 bucks per month. However, even after the price increase that’s not bad, especially if you use your website to build and grow your audience and customer base, the question still remains is HostGator good. The purpose of HostGator include one dirt cheap costs. Seriously folks on all hosting plans. HostGator includes WordPress hosting free and unlimited email hosting and 24 hour online support as well as limited phone support to answers everywhere. It seems that everyone in their mother is using HostGator these days. So if you have a problem, then you’re merely a search query away from your answer via video or online forum. Three ecommerce features. Hey, if you want an easy way to monetize your business, then HostGator has a solution for all hosting packages in OS commerce, or Zen cart additional options are available based on the pricing package, all that to say this, you don’t always have to send people to Amazon apple or other online retailers when you can fulfill the orders yourself. Sadly, it ain’t all good news since HostGator has a few cons, we need to address one, the learning curve. I’d already mentioned in the host gator benefits the answers are everywhere and that there is online support. So one could assume that it’s not a simple turn.

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