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Top 9 Free Window Apps that are Trending in 2019

If you have just shifted from a Mac to a PC or just simply bought a new PC then Microsoft makes sure to make your experience worth a while. It provides you with some basic applications with add on features that will make your everyday life easier. Here are 9 windows apps that you should download when using a PC:

1. Tweeten
The simple yet basic application for twitter on windows 10 is Tweeten. Tweeten enables you to view Twitter on your desktop just like you do it on your cellphones. It takes the tweet deck and tries to make it friendlier for windows. It also has some other dark options which go perfectly along with Microsoft’s Dark UI.

2. Plex
If you want to organize your pictures and videos collections then Plex is the right option for windows apps. It’s available on Microsoft store and it does not charge any fee. Through this application, you can stream your media files into literally any smart device you own and it can also stream your media files from your PC to a gaming station like Xbox too.

3. NextGen
If you are someone who likes to stay updated with the events happening around the world all the time then NextGen Reader is available on Microsoft. There are plenty of other news applications available on the store but if you read a lot of news through RSS then this is the ideal app for you. It costs just $5.99 but in such a cheap price, you are availing an RSS reader that works perfectly with touch screen devices such as the tablet along with its keyboard and mouse. You can also download articles from it to read it offline and it also has Live Tiles in the Windows 10 start screen.

4. ShareX
Windows ultimate personal screenshot tool ShareX which lets you take the best screenshots. It has options like cropping your screenshots, doodling on it, and even creating GIFs and screen recording through it. It might be overkill for some people though. This application also enables its user to take a screenshot and directly upload it to file hosting websites with one tap of a button.

5. EarTrumpet
Windows 10 audio management is not the greatest built in audio management that’s why to make listening to audio your best experience, there’s another windows app that is EarTrumpet that provides a system tray utility which contains several volume levels for each app and ability to customize inputs and outputs according to your own need for those apps. For example, if you want YouTube to play on your input headset and the game you are playing in the output headset, then this is the ideal application for its users.

6. Wox
Imagine an application that lets you search other apps and files and folders and also lets you quickly search the web. Not only does it let you find your files but also customize what you search for and translate languages for you too. Wox in Windows provides you exactly with all the above specifications and it’s the better version of Alfred that is available on the Mac.

7. QuickLook
Switching from Mac to PC is not easy but if you did, it’s a plus if you have added QuickLook to your desktop. It provides you with the option to accurately review your files in File Explorer and it works exactly like the Mac OS Quick Look Feature. It might work slowly with Gifs but other than that it’s better than all of the other utilities available since you do not have to constantly open files to find the one you are searching for. It also lets you easily search the work you have done for Assignment-Ace.

8. 1Password
There’s nothing more important than a password manager in 2019. To manage your passwords perfectly, 1Password is the perfect option. It also handles two factor authentications. This app allows you to save passwords in your browser. The only job you have is to remember one single password so that you can manage all of your other online so that you do not have to use the same password again and again everywhere. In Windows10, this app also includes features like fingerprint scanning or face scanning for better security.

9. Groupy
To experience the tabbed interface on Windows, Groupy is another app that lets you open an app and turn it into another app. It gets really confusing when you have different apps on different windows that’s why groupy gathers them all into a single window.

In short, above mentioned are some of the windows apps that make the usage of PC easier and more exciting for its users. If you download any of these apps then your work will get done in a smooth manner.

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