5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Tap A Blogger Outreach Service

More and more businesses are now transitioning online to take slices of this lucrative trend. However, just building a blog/website is not enough to gain customers, especially if you are starting. You need first to build authority so you can rank high on Google and gradually rake sustained organic traffic.

But what if you are already aching to boost your authority and start earning? How will you be able to do that in just a shorter period?

The answer: Tap a Blogger Outreach Service. Sounds technical or floating in the air?

Let me walk you through this in the simplest way I can.

Blogger Outreach Service in the Layman’s Term

A Blogger Outreach Service is basically an influencer or a platform which you can leverage to boost traffic to your own blog/website. Bloggers who offer this kind of program are those who were already able to establish their authority and credibility, and thus, can influence other sites as well.

When I was starting, I wanted to increase organic traffic to my blog right away so I can achieve conversions from my affiliate links. So the first thing that I did was to pitch my post to a successful social media blogger. Thankfully, the blogger agreed to publish my post and boom; it went viral! In just a month, I gained thousands of unique visitors to my blog.

Now, the social media blogger who accepted my pitch has done a blogger outreach service.

Today, blogger outreach service is one of the most popular ways to boost a business’ online presence and reach its target customers.

Good thing, with such potential, more and more are venturing to offer a blogger outreach service.

Why Should you tap a Blogger Outreach Service?

If you have a business, whether established or just starting, you should definitely tap a blogger outreach service. You’ll love it for the following reasons.

  • Cheaper compared to Conventional Advertising. Blogger outreach is one of the cost-effective means to boost your business’ of promoting your business online. You can choose other options such as radio, television, or print newspapers. But I tell you, you may have to spend thousands or even millions on advertising on such platforms.

But if you choose for blogger outreach, you can save a lot! Plus, you’ll not only get to promote your business in the short-term because by leveraging on this method, but you also boost your optimize your website for the search engines and boost your content marketing.

Simply look for influencers out there and pitch your business or post. I tell you, you have dizzying options to choose from, and thus, you can compare which works best for you. Say you have travel gears you want to sell. There are thousands of travel bloggers out there, both domestic and international.

  • It Boosts Brand’s Online Presence. Tapping a blogger outreach service does the same, whether you are just starting out or not. Once you get your product online, your brand gets projected to thousands or even millions of potential customers.

It does not matter which brand you are offering. Once it gets featured on well-established sites, you’ll start gaining reach and engagements. That increases through time. And subsequently, conversions happen.

This is particularly true when it comes to information entrepreneurship. Far from what many of us are aware of, this lucrative business is generating billions with the help of a blogger outreach service. Thousands of so-called infopreneurs were able to build and boost their brand online with the help of influencers.

Also, tapping a blogger’s service can substantially improve your brand’s credibility. With people seeing that high authority blogs are promoting you, they will assume that you have a good brand as well. That means, they will start trusting you because they trust the blog where your brand got known. This, in turn, leads to the loyalty of customers and a surge in repeat orders.

  • Engage with the Target Audience. You are assured that you are barking on the right tree when you tap a blogger outreach. In other words, you can target your intended market. It will help minimize costs and optimize conversions.

Let’s say you want to promote and sell your organic soaps and wellness products. To whom would you pitch this then? The good thing is that there are influencers on various niches. So since you are promoting organic products, you can tap on influencers who are also into such kind. And with more and more people getting conscious about their health these days, you can be sure that there are hundreds or even thousands of bloggers who are promoting such kind of lifestyle as well.

You would not need to worry then that your pitch may be reaching a general audience and thus, lower conversion takes place.

In the long run, tapping the audience of your niche blogger would generate your organic traffic with shared interests.

  • It Helps Gain Substantial Backlinks. Backlinks are an important consideration in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or digital marketing. The more backlinks your website has, the more it is likely to rank higher. And the higher rank means more potential for engagement. The higher engagement means more organic traffic. And the more traffic means more conversions.

By letting trusted and high-quality websites link to your website, you are also increasing the authority and trust-rating of your site. And Google recognizes that. What more if several of such premium websites link your site? You will expect your overall ranking in search engines to surge.

  • It Boosts rank on Search Engines. As I’ve hinted earlier, tapping successful bloggers or influencers will ultimately improve your overall ranks on Search Engines. There are thousands of them online with varying niches and comparative standards to suit your needs. By connecting with them and letting them connect to you, you ensure that the relationships you build will lead not just to greater online visibility but more backlinks as well. I’ve discussed earlier that the more backlinks to your site, the more that Google will act to increase your ranking.

Now, those are just the most common benefits that you can achieve from tapping a blogger outreach service. So if you haven’t done so, I would advise that you start doing it now.

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