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Bose has been the oldest of players when it comes to building audio products. The wireless speakers it has been building like the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ and the Bose Home Speaker 500 are the greatest of its creation. At the price of Rs. 39,000, this one is available in the market which makes it even expensive than the sum of Google Home and Sonos One combined.

Not only the greatest of the audio technologies integrated into it, this smart speaker for the persons who want to do their work just by the voice commands. This piece of smart speaker is a blend of perfect audio technology with the smart Alexa Voice Control Built-in. Unlike Google or Amazon’s speaker, this doesn’t leave any stones unturned- it is perfectly built that’s why it costs way lot than the former two. You can enjoy good discounted prices for Bose Home speaker 500 with available Snapdeal Coupons today. Let’s check more about the Bose Home Speaker 500 in the given review below:


The Bose Home Speaker 500 looks premium and impressive. The device gets the elliptical shape with anodized aluminum casing in it. There is a little touch of LED lighting done in the case like in the silver mode, you get to see the red light reflecting in the room which looks lovely.

On the front, you can see a full color screen where you get to see the music which is playing and the artwork. The screen has the auto-dimming option which will change the brightness according to the lighting conditions. The screen on the front also displays time which is just like what the Google Home Hub and the Amazon Echo display on their screen.

The speaker grille looks impressive and gets a nice finish along with the audio accuracy. The device is optimized for Amazon Alexa Voice Control. You get buttons on the top of the speaker for basic functions and six preset buttons for playing your favorite playlist, radio station, or album. There is also a Bose app where you can store the presets.

There is a light bar on the speaker which glows when you talk to Alexa and the color also gets changed according to the audio input you give to the speaker like the device reflects blue light for Bluetooth. When it comes to design, there is no competition of this device in the market- sheer perfectness.

Features and performance

The device uses proprietary mic technology which can even hear the voice commands at the loud music- thanks to the eight microphone array for far-field listening. It is really easy to interact with Alexa in real time during the loud music too. As per Bose, they are planning to integrate Google Assistant in it too.


When it comes to audio quality,  the Home Speaker 500 is booming and impressive.  The device uses two custom drivers in both left and right to give it true stereo feel. The sound is clear and the bass is perfect too. IN the room, the device gives bang-on sound and loud music seems really impressive and nice to ears.

The percussion comes very well from the speaker and the higher frequency notes come crystal clear too. But, sometimes the warm sound coming from it in music might not be loved by everyone- still you can’t deny the fact that the Bose Home Speaker 500 is a fantastic beast.

You can play the music by connecting the speaker via an AUX cable, wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or using Wifi network. The Bose app has some bugs which might give you troublesome experience while setting up the WiFi network- depends on what mobile model you use. You can easily connect to different streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, and SiriusXM and moreover, radio stations and podcasts. Find some of similar best devises online to get good rates by availing Tata Cliq Offers today.

Final Verdict

Starting from its design and going till the powerful performance it delivers, there are a million reasons to fall in love with the Bose Home Speaker 500. But, it is only limited to the Amazon’s Alexa in terms of voice-controlled output but the company is trying to integrate Google Assistant in it too- fingers crossed! The microphones are really sensitive and can know easily what you want, the audio comes out really fantastic, the design is revolutionary but the only barrier is the cost. The Bose Home Speaker is way expensive and you can get similar to it in fair price- less than it.

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