Custom App Development – Pros and Cons

Are you considering custom app development? You are about to take your company to a new level.

Off-the-shelf solutions may appear highly appealing for startups. However, businesses with experience on the market know that automating the workflow is the key to success.

Is custom app development a cure for all your company’s ailments? Or does it have a couple of downsides?

Can you run a good business without developing custom software? Or will it get worse and worse with time?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of custom app development to help you make the right decision for your business today.

Advantages of Custom App Development

Pros of custom app development are tough to overlook. By evaluating the most important advantages, you can get a better idea of whether this solution is suitable for the current state of your company.

1. Features You Need and Nothing Else

The main downside of using off-the-shelf software is the necessity to deal with dozens of features you don’t need.

Off-the-shelf software developers work hard to cater to different clients, thus packing numerous options into one app.

Companies struggle with extra features that they don’t need, increasing the time they spend on learning how to use the software.

With custom apps, you can have access to the most important features only without having to deal with options designed for someone else.

2. Opportunities for Development

As time passes, your business grows and develops and so should the software. With off-the-shelf apps, you may not get the necessary options to tweak your business. In the majority of situations, you’d need to invest in new off-the-shelf software. As a result, you’ll incur extra costs and waste time learning how to use the new app.

According to experts at Entrance, the top-notch custom software is always designed to grow with your business. Developers structure these programs in such a way that they can be changed to accommodate the growing needs of a company.

3. High-Quality Lifetime Support

With off-the-shelf products, you always face a chance of losing support. A company can stop manufacturing the software, putting its priorities elsewhere. Meanwhile, the existing support can be low in quality due to a large number of users.

For some apps, you may spend hours trying to reach a representative. In many cases, people tend to find solutions on forums and other online resources.

With a custom app, you get lifetime support from the developer. You always have the highest priority as the preferred customer. Some companies may even offer round-the-clock support for their custom software.

4. Improved Security

When you use off-the-shelf software, you are subject to security breaches. Since hackers have free access to this software, they can spend as much time as they need looking for loopholes. Even though developers work hard on updates, sometimes, they simply aren’t fast enough.

With custom apps, you are the only company that has access to the program, thus making it much harder for hackers to do their work. Custom app developers pay special attention to the security measures in order to maintain the program’s quality and the company’s reputation.

5. Quick Additions

If you don’t find the features you need in your off-the-shelf app, you have to go and buy another one or learn to live without the necessary options. With custom software, you can always ask the developers to add the features you need.

The software is initially designed to accommodate the possibility of changes and add-ons. You can ask for an app with basic features and then add more on, one by one.

6. Competitive Advantage

Custom app development provides a competitive advantage over your competition. You have what they don’t, and it helps you become better at what you do.

In most cases, companies that use custom software fare better than their competition, which still uses off-the-shelf software. Custom apps allow you to achieve the same goals with fewer investments and less effort.

Disadvantages of Custom App Development

Before you hurry to sign a contract with the nearest custom app developer, let’s consider the downsides. Not many exist, but those that do could make you change your mind.

1. High Costs

Custom app development is expensive. Compared to off-the-shelf apps, these programs can cost ten times as much. A substantial investment in the software is rarely a possibility for small businesses.

It’s important to know that even though the initial costs are high, the ROI of custom app development is impressive.

2. Time

Custom app development is not a fast process. While you can start using the off-the-shelf software immediately, it may take months to develop a custom program.

Custom software development requires close collaboration with the client. So be ready to spend your time putting your requirements through, giving recommendations, and checking intermediary results.

3. Dependency

If you order custom software development, you become dependent on the company that does it. Meaning, you need their support. If the company suddenly disappears from the market or for some reason, decides to abandon you, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation.

This is the downside of top-notch personalized support you get from custom software developers.

4. Decision Making

With custom software, it’s up to you to give the task to the developer. You have to identify your needs and goals and come up with a set of features you want to see in the app.

While a top-notch software developer will work closely with you to identify the features of the future app, it’s still up to you to make the final call.

Overall, there are more pros than cons to custom software development. If you have the time and the money to develop a custom app, you should consider doing it to improve your business and outrun the competition.

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