E-commerce Solutions That Are Indispensable For Your Website

Before you delve into the question of which e-commerce solution would be the best for you, keeping in mind the current trends, you must understand the prime requirement of an e-commerce based business. Making your products and services available online is the key thing of e-commerce. When you trade while using the internet as a medium, then you are using e-commerce for business.

Understanding the requirement for e-commerce to find the solution

You would understand the requirement of e-commerce better with a simple example. Visualize an offline physical shop. Users love often going to buy things and check prices at those physical shops, where they get attention and feel pampered. If you are not feeling attended, you won’t love to go back. Now, attention always does not come in the form of eye to eye contact. It also comes through a feedback form produced towards you or a phone call that comes to you later about the shopping experience. It may come to you in the form of a coupon code you receive after shopping once to get a rebate the next time you shop. People love gifts, coupons, discounts, freebies, offers, deals, and many such ways of getting attention. And besides all that, personalized attention in the form of personalized gift cards and emails are always loved.

Now imagine an e-commerce site, which has a soft infrastructure to treat its users the same way or in a similar way. Don’t you think users would love this kind of experienced personalized attention from the site? That’s why in today’s e-commerce, to make things successful, the most important thing to focus on, is user experience and convenience. If you give a useful landing page to the user to find all required details right before eyes, get guidance to reach their preferred product and feel easy to explore through the site with easy to understand operability, then that’s a good site. You have to build one such site or modify your current site to be like one of those.

Get good e-commerce solutions

Your marketing team must guide you through the making of such a site, or help you get the site modified according to the modern e-commerce site trends so that you get good user attention in turn too. Here are suggested some of the best e-commerce solutions make your e-commerce site the trendiest one and grab good business.

Things to consider as you find the best e-commerce solution

Here are some important points to consider while you look for a good e-commerce solution for your website.

  • The provision for social media integration with your website
  • Smooth navigation
  • Easy to use a payment gateway
  • Responsiveness of the website

The sooner you integrate the above things on your website as well as social media accounts and profiles, the better it would be for your online business.

Social media integration on the website

Your digital marketing team must work on integrating social media on your website. This means the website must have links to social media profiles of yours, so that people landing on the site may find your presence in social media. This is a very important way to tell people how much active you are online. Your social media accounts are the best places to share new news, tell your struggle and success stories, introduce your business, team, brand, and products, and discuss concerns of people so that you may develop better products while using the real-time feedback and suggestions of people. So much is done through social media. That’s why the integration of social media accounts is a big strength in e-commerce site. And you must get this done through the help of your marketing team.

Get your website made in a mobile-friendly way

The term mobile friendly has another name. It’s also called responsive web design. Responsive web design is the way the site is coded so that while the site is loading, the resolution and screen size of the device is gauzed by the browser to load the site in that specifically scaled way. This helps viewers and users get the best viewing and user experience. This is very important these days because most e-commerce sites are used more on mobiles than in browsers. If users cannot use the site due to screen loading failures and zooming problems etc., then they won’t return to it ever for another transaction and would instead choose another rival’s site.

How payments gateways matter in e-commerce solutions

Many conversions stay incomplete simply because of a payment gateway that doesn’t work well or doesn’t provide warm user experience or doesn’t offer enough solutions for payment to users. If you are a nerd in wallet usage and want to use your credit card, while you get no options for credit cards but all sorts of wallets, then you would undoubtedly feel frustrated at the last page of the purchase. This way, many transactions get ruined and stalled simply because users don’t get a smooth experience in the payment page. And this can happen due to several reasons and not just the unavailability of payment options.

Therefore, your e-commerce site must adopt this solution very seriously, and get the payment gateway checked for various vital parameters. You aim to give your users the best possible online shopping experience, and the payment gateways must be hitch-free and smooth for this.


Good e-commerce solutions planned and applied on time is the best you can do for the online success of your business. Your marketing team has a great role to play here. If you are not much salient with how the digital world works then it’s the job of the online marketing team to tell you where your website is falling short, and how this can affect your business. Then only you would be able to take the right steps on time and modify important site features to give your users the best user experience that makes one come back to the site. Hence the timely implementation of e-commerce solutions is a must to stay in the competition.

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