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Earn money by selling mobile accessories

The sale of cell phone accessories can be a good business alternative for entrepreneurs who are looking for a new product to sell. The market is booming and has attracted a large number of consumers of different ages and of different social classes.

Who has the money available to invest, can set up a store to sell accessories or even a kiosk, which is a business model widely used today. But, who does not have enough resources to invest in a fixed point, the option is to work in a street way – which is equally profitable, since it will be able to reach a large audience where it is circulating.

So if you want to know how to make money selling cell phone accessories, see below some tips on how to get started, product suggestions and even suppliers to get started!

Ways to sell mobile accessories

If you have the money available to invest, then set up your own store to sell your accessories or even a kiosk that is a model that is used a lot today, but if your goal is only to make some extra money every month or you don’t have enough money to invest in a fixed point, work as a street vendor.

For those who set up a store, you will need to invest about $ 3,000 to $4,000 at the beginning, likewise a kiosk, it may also require almost the same value, to sell on the streets as independents simply buy the accessories and have the will to start selling. If you want to sell it online then you can do this by simply creating a website and promoting and selling your products from your website. According to a mobile accessories website startup, you will have to face some struggle in the first six months, once you build your brand in the online market then you can generate an average of 50 to 80 sale daily. You can even buy a cart to facilitate your work, but regardless of how you are going to sell, it is essential to have knowledge in this area, always offer mobile accessories that are fashionable and easy to sell, because these are the basic requirements for Start with the right foot.

The best selling cell phone accessories

Your challenge at the beginning will be to define the types of products that you will sell. So, to make your task easier, here are some of the products that are currently high and really attractive, see:

1: Selfie selfie stick or selfie stick

This is the type of product that most people dream of, after all, taking a selfie is fashionable and with an appropriate stick, it becomes much easier and gives better quality to the photos. Then this is the accessory that can not be missing in your items to resell because it can mean more than 50% of your monthly sales.

2: Earphone Cases

When you buy a cellphone, you will find some essential accessories inside the box when you open the cellphone package. One of the accessories is the earphone which is one of the most essential and most popular mobile accessories. But sometimes we have to lose our earphones when they break inside our pocket so to protect our earphones and to address the issue, you can buy earphone cases.

3: Screen protectors: glass, sticker, etc

Screen protectors also tend to be a super-consumed item currently due to the fact that it protects the screen of mobile phones very well, preventing it from scratching or even breaking at times.

4: Cell phone stickers

The stickers can not be missing in your resale list since they give a touch of personality to the cell phones, which makes it very consumed.

5: Colorful protective covers

Protective mobile covers, they sell very well in every corner of the world and can provide you with excellent profitability. In addition to being a fashion accessory, especially the covers with different images, they protect the devices very well and one of the first measures taken by those who buy a smartphone today is the search for a way to protect it.

Where to buy cell phone accessories to sell

Of course one of the biggest difficulties for those who start in this business is to find suppliers of accessories to sell, which is why I leave you Internet sites where you can buy these products in bulk. and are the most popular marketplaces to buy wholesale products in any category.

Is selling cell phone accessories profitable?

Yes, you can get a good monthly income by starting the sale of cell phone accessories, no matter how you work the odds are the same. On average, I think you will be able to make between $ 350 to $ 2500 thousand per month with a business in the mobile accessories sector, so take the time to transform this option into a source of your own income, and I just hope that Tips mentioned here have helped you in some way to start your own business!


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