Advertising an Esport game in 2019 –

In recent years, the craze for online Video Games has skyrocketed, and the reason behind this is that some of the games are advertised in a great manner. Surely, the gameplay of Esport games are its main factor but, when it comes to the sales after the launch, nothing overshadows the importance of effective advertising. So, here are some of the ways using which most of the big game development houses are advertising their Esport titles in 2019:

  • Organizing launch events: You must have seen one of these. Launch events are a great way to advertise your latest game. Big names like Rockstar Entertainment, Electronic Arts, India betting and several others use this method every time they introduce a new game. Also, these events work quite effectively if you want some sponsors for your game. These days a ton of big brands are ready to invest in Esports. So, this method is a great way to get two treats in one go.
  • Setting up pre-launch streams: Streams offer a pool of quite a massive audience. This is one of the reasons why streams are considered as an effective advertising campaign. Nowadays, there are a handful of platforms which you can get into partnership with such as online casino India, and they will help you to set up your dealing with streamers. They will play your game’s demo version for their viewers, and there is always that sweet chance of your game getting viral.
  • In-stream advertising: Just like TV ad breaks, streams also have breaks. Though not every streamer follows this approach and this is why you would need to find specific streamers who can collaborate with your Esports title. Also, if you are going out of your way to make some monetary adjustments with them, then it is better to get in touch with the popular names first. Some of the streamers with the most audience influence these days are Ninja, DrDisrespect, shroud, etc.
  • Endorsing Content creators: Apart from the streaming world, YouTube offers great advertising opportunities for Esports titles. As per a recent survey, a great fraction of YouTube audience said that they give preference to games their favorite YouTubers play. So, if you are looking to make some investment from your advertisement budget, then this is a great place to start with.
  • Organizing tournaments: Last but not the least, Tournaments are by far the best method for advertising your Esport game in 2019 if you are looking to get some hype in the gaming world. Online multiplayer game tournaments influence several types of the audience at the same time. This is something which helps in the sales of the title as no one can follow every audience base on priority while making advertising plans.

These are some of the most common methods for advertising an Esports game in 2019. With the craze for online gaming, Esports is a flourishing industry and offers great prospects for games that are deserving.

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