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Fix QuickBooks Error H202, Fix QuickBooks Error H202 – Quickbooks Customer Service Number 1-844-305-6556

Sometimes we get an error message called H202 enter, when you try to access QuickBooks in a multi user mode. So in this Article we are going to add fireball port on to all computers. So in this step we are going to add some firewall exceptions. So we need to type in firewall in the start and then click on Windows fireable.

  • And then we have to click on Advanced Settings.
  • So what I’m what I’m looking at is an article from Intuit, and it is in the website .
  • And looking at this article I’m going to create the firewall exceptions.
  • Now, in this screen, I’m going to click on inbound rules inbound rules.
  • Once you click on inbound draw, click on new rule.
  • On the right side. Click on New arrow on the right hand side, and then select port, select the radio button with say sport.
  • And then hit next.
  • And we have to add the particular ports for that particular version of QuickBooks. So depending on your version, the port numbers will differ. Since I’m using 2013, I will copy and paste the port numbers for the 2013. As you can see, the port numbers are separated by a comma and consecutive ports are separated by a dash manual wow just go in and copy this in this 44 map of your WordPress, to the search bar and press and view status of the installed plugin.
  • Download installed plugin trial, and now you can install the latest version of the WordPress.
  • Click on the link at the top of the page to download the latest download archive and extract its content, paste it here. Open the files Hello file man.
  • This is complete format and open the WordPress tag or otherwise by a comma, delete it the WP content folder, then click on allow the connection, open the files I love File Manager, the address of your FTP server and make sure that you have a checkmark on all three of them, select all the files and folders accepted name WP dash content folder, just double up dash config dot php file.
  • In the same way, right click on the selected files and press Delete also in the pop up window.
  • Yes, steps, wait until the remote rate process is complete bound rules. Also, go to the WordPress dash 3.5 folder.
  • Rules also select all files on the same, right click or upload so.
  • So once we add the inbound or the upload processes. On the main go to the failed transfers tab that says inbound rules, as well as the outbound rules on our go to the browser window. So we are going press f5 to iron below that is inbound fireball exception, and outbound fireball exception on all the computers. So first we added the inbound rules. Then we click on outbound rules and perform the same kind of steps, and then we will perform the same kind of steps that is adding both inbound and outbound rules on the other computers as well. So once you’ve completed this will try to open QuickBooks and see if you’re still getting the error message. In case if you’re seeing getting the same kind of error message call Support 1-844-305-6556.


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