Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting : Know The 6 Extraordinary Differences

It is a universal fact that to stay active in the online competition everyone needs a website. On the other hand, its also true that small business owners, startups and new entrepreneurs tend to buy free web hosting service in comparison to paid hosting service. However, it’s suggested to check carefully which is best for you before buying the hosting solution. So, check the 5 points highlighted below as they will assist you to take the decision in a better way.

1) Reliability

It is one of the noticeable points that differentiates free web hosting from paid web hosting. Normally, the free web hosting platforms don’t offer a similar uptime that is provided by the paid cheap Web hosting USA companies. Hence, if you’re going to consider free web hosting environment then you will face issues like frequent downtime and sudden traffic on a website leading to website crashing. You’re managing the website with an aim to increase more traffic and visitors online. If your site is facing issues like frequent downtime and website crashing due to a sudden spike of traffic on the website, then it will affect the traffic and you’ll lose the potential customers. In paid web hosting, you will get maximum uptime of 99% which is crucial for your business website.

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2) Free is Not Really Free

Have you ever questioned yourself how a free web hosting company earns? They also require money to run the company. So, the answer is quite simple. The free web hosting company earns money through advertisement. If they are providing you with a free web hosting service then, in return they are going to place the ads on your website to earn from it. You don’t have that much authority to control the ads that are shown on your website pages. In case, any irrelevant ad is shown on your website then it will affect the traffic of your website or you may get into the risk because of such ads. Whereas in paid web hosting service it’s completely opposite, you get full control for controlling the display ads. Looking for reseller hosting USA? Check MilesWeb reseller hosting plan.

3) Free Web Hosting Won’t Last Forever

In free web hosting, it’s not sure that your web hosting provider will be there for a long period of time. In fact, a free web hosting provider that is running for a long time may wind up the venture without informing you. But it will not happen with paid web hosting company, because you have a web hosting account through which you can download the complete website, no matter, where it’s hosted. You can take the backup of your website and upload it on a new web hosting account to run your website with no time.

4) Bandwidth and Storage Space

The web hosting provider like MilesWeb offers a wide array of web hosting plans that contain bandwidth and storage space in different amounts. You can select any plan based on your website requirements. Whereas in free web hosting, you will get very limited resources. In reality, offering sufficient bandwidth and storage space to the customers, needs a complete infrastructure working in the back-end. Therefore, it’s obvious that a real web hosting company will charge for it.

In free web hosting plan, you will enjoy the service in the beginning but as your website starts growing and you upload or transfer video files, photos or other media files, things will start getting worst for you. With limited hosting resources and lack of quality support service for growth from a web hosting provider, your website will face issues like slow loading and downtime.

5) Support and Assistance

In free web hosting, it’s sure that you’ll not get support service for solving your technical issues. It’s not compulsory that every free web hosting provider has a team of experts to offer continuous support like paid web hosting. So, in such cases, you might have to deal with many technical and customer issues instead of focusing on business expansion. If your website is working with MySQL databases, PHP and Pearl scripts then lack of technical support is the important issue for your website. With paid hosting services, you will get 24*7 technical support, this makes easy for you to tackle your issues.

6) Customized Error Pages

In free web hosting platform, you can’t create customized error pages. Error pages are utilized by the web server to help the visitor know that there has been an error. This might happen if the visitor enters the wrong URL of a page or tries to operate a page that is not available on the website. Further, in the free web hosting account, the web hosting company’s stock error page will be showcased to the visitor, and this page will not give them any directions to know what they are looking for. This will create confusion among visitors and he/she will leave your website.

In paid hosting, it’s completely opposite. You have full control over your website and hosting account. You can create customized error pages for your customers/visitors and showcase them when a visitor tries to operate a wrong page or page URL. This means you won’t lose visitors who visited on your website just by typing a wrong URL.

Closure Words: You need to portray a bigger picture!

Free hosting sounds good, but it’s worst for a long time? Think about it! Your website is the backbone of your business and you have implemented many ideas to make it worth for global audience. You may think that you’re saving a lot of money by selecting a free web hosting but the small issues with your website may get bigger with the time and your time will get invested more in solving the website issues instead of focusing on the growth of the business.

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