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Hotmail Support Phone Number – Call Hotmail 1-844-305-6556

Best Practices to Secure Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith.Hotmail was the first free based email service.

It was initially spelled HoTMaiL, putting focus  on the “HTML” in the name.In August, 2012, Microsoft revamped Hotmail and renamed it as .
Hotmail is one of the extremely famous email services among the clients and considered to be the advanced email service with the highlights features. It is used as the official email and especially easy to understand to the users.
Hotmail has become the most popular and essential in various fields. Presently, Hotmail has included many advanced features with the  time. Hotmail Support Phone Number has turned into the help for the clients who face different technical issues in daily schedule while working the email account. Since, many email service providers are available on the Internet yet Hotmail is one of the best among them. In reality, Hotmail has a  good number of maintenance teams, which are skilled on account of any minor to serious issue in opening the Hotmail administrations.
As far back as Hotmail is redone into, Hotmail clients need to sign into their email account through the Outlook site. Because of these changes, clients need to encounter  various types of issues and issues while getting their Hotmail account.
The issues faced by clients are of numerous types, a few clients think that it’s hard to sign-in to their Hotmail account while a few clients can’t get to their Hotmail account or use them.

Facing  Hotmail issues? Get in touch with us!

Because of no information and due to lack of technical knowledge, users face many issues while using and accessing their Hotmail accounts. For such issues, reaching with Hotmail technicians via Hotmail Email support at toll free number is the best choice that can enable you to solve any problem, you face while using your Hotmail account. Regardless of whether chat services, mail storing capacity, sending or receiving mails, account configuration or Hotmail mail settings; technical team members are able  to serve you and solve out your problem. The only thing you need to do is to contact at toll-free number.

Some of the common Hotmail issues faced are ÷

  • Not able to set up Hotmail on Computer, Android phone or iPhone.

  • Problem to Sign into/ Login into Hotmail account.

  • Forgot Hotmail Password

  • Problem in Sending Email with attachments and in downloading the received attachments.

  • Storage related problems: Keeping excess and unnecessary emails in account reduces the account storage capacity.

  • Problem in Sending and receiving mail.

  • Problem in recovery of deleted messages in Hotmail.

  • Reactivate stopped Hotmail account.

  • Configuring settings as per  choice and requirement.

Reducing the excess page loading time, sometimes opening of Hotmail account takes excess time to load the page.

The best thing you can do when you have lost access to Hotmail account is, call Hotmail technical support number. Before you get to this point, there are practices that you can adopt to secure your Hotmail account. Many security features are now integrated with Hotmail account. Changing passwords and not revealing them to anyone, is the most common practice to secure Hotmail account.

Photos, links, and all kinds of content can be sent using Hotmail. When you follow these steps, security of your email is ensured.

Ways to secure your Hotmail account

  • Always choose an alphanumeric password
  • Keep changing the password every few months
  • Make sure that the characters you use do not form a dictionary word
  • Do not use a sequential word and repeat it
  • Keep the word formation as cryptic as possible
  • Do not include personal, financial, or important information in passwords
  • Always connect with HTTPs, they have more security layers
  • Update all the password reset information from time to time
  • Add your original mobile number to this profile as a recovery option
  • Use a “single use code to sign in” option when checking Hotmail on a public PC

Technical problems faced by Hotmail users

For problems related to Hotmail, such as, Hotmail not working, recovering hot mail password, email attachment, and browser issues, call Hotmail technical support number . This is for all the Hotmail users in. Even if you have accidentally deleted your contacts from the address book in your email, you can call Hotmail support for assistance.

Open all year long

The Hotmail tech support number is open all year long and is open 24×7. Anytime in 24 hours, if you face technical issues while using Hotmail, you can contact them immediately. They are friendly, reliable, and their service brings results. If you face issues with regard to login, or if you want to unblock your account, you can contact them. You can also contact them to set up your Hotmail account. There are many issues with regard to Hotmail that can crop up.

Email issues can be resolved with tech support

If you are unable to send or receive emails, you can contact Hotmail tech support phone number. Business emails are crucial, and so is their security. You can also restore important deleted emails with the help of this tech support. If you have a problem creating a new account, you can give them a call on their phone numbers. Your call is likely to be answered in a few minutes. Forget waiting for long hours on the telephone just to get through the tech support. They are quick and effective in resolving technical issues of your Hotmail account.

Important – We cannot survive without using the internet. Home users and professionals, both, rely on the internet. Internet and email has become a medium of communicating with each other in this digital era. Information and data are vital to everyone. Your email could contain important information about work, or personal life.

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