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How can I check my child’s Facebook messages?

You are really confused when you are called to your son’s school. You learn that someone had taken his embarrassing pictures in the school’s bathroom and have been blackmailing him through Facebook Messages, and as a result, there was a big fight.

You don’t know how to react. The downside of the way we have embraced technology is that it often backfires on us and too dumbfounded to react. It is all around us and no way to escape once such embarrassment is out there.

Having a Facebook spy app is an option that many parents have been using to keep a close eye on their kid’s messages and activities. It is disastrous for any parent to witness an incident like the one mentioned above and could have life long consequences for such a kid.

Facebook Messenger is one such app that almost everyone has on their mobile. After all, Facebook is a massive global social media site and despite the recent setbacks continue to grow, add new users to stay such a huge social media app.

The thing is that recent updates in Facebook’s messaging service have only made it easier to recruit younger kids on to its service. Kids as young as 6 are on it because of the Messenger Kids service which promises parents supervision.

Reasons to Spy on your Child’s Facebook Messages

There is a new kid-focused Messenger Kids like mentioned above. Despite the promised controls in place, we all know today’s smart kids find ways around these controls and then there is the option of deleting those messages.

These facts can make any parent paranoid and feel the need to monitor all the messages personally, but standing over their every message is not an option. Naturally, you want to use a Facebook monitor but first, let’s go through some compelling reasons to take such a step:-

1. Bad Apples of the Bunch

Every class and every friend’s group in school has those bad apples. Those people in your child’s group who are hoping to cause some frolic or mischief for fun or entertainment, often times either not caring or even thinking the potential downsides of such acts.

These particular friends of your child could convince him to do these risky acts, like shoplifting, pranks on innocent people, ethical or illegal acts that will most likely put them in harm’s way. They can be a bad influence on your children.

2. Excessive Screen Time

Mobile addiction is a fact of the times we live in. Kids and teenagers are most likely to be affected by this side of the technology and social media chatting sites like Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest contributors.

The excessive time they spend on their mobile screen chatting effects their concentration, grasping power while studying, overall health, etc. The notification of this chats can cause distraction which can be hard to ignore for anyone, especially a child.

3. Public Reputation

Using caution while surfing online is not a trait that many teenagers follow. They have weak impulses and they don’t think much before posting any picture, video or just a status. They don’t think about the long term effects of this.

They may send an embarrassing picture or video and not thinking that once that file is online, it can never be deleted. With much of the media being online, public reputation is under threat from even one post that can tarnish your child’s image.

4. Risk of Malware

The internet is a crazy and huge place with almost no restrictions, and even if there are then they are not the most effective. Hence, there are a bunch of apps, websites and, links that are not safe to open on any device.

Most kids don’t think twice before clicking on any problematic site, download link or an app. This can unknowingly open a virus or malware infected link on their mobile. Anyone can contact them on their Facebook Messenger.

5. Private Information

Kids often lie when started their Facebook messages account and are not even 13 when they start using this social media service. They are really young and do not possess the necessary maturity to understand the line between sharing and over-sharing.

When filling in their profile information or while chatting with a stranger, a certain caution is needed to keep certain things private. Teenagers, for the most part, lack such caution while interacting online and share their private information.

Ways to Spy on Facebook Messages

Children are a vulnerable age group on the Internet. They are open to being manipulated by a bevy of threats. They can get bullied, trolled or embarrassed online. Any parent would be worried about their child’s safety in a time like this.

As a parent, you want to use a Facebook spy to know at all time who they are chatting with and what? Well, there are two ways of spying on Facebook messages of their kids.

1. Install Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is a free video calling and message service launched for Kids below 13 years of age and above 5 years. The highlighting feature of this app is that the parents initiate all contact requests on behalf of their children.

Kids don’t sign up here and hence don’t need a mobile number to use this app. This has been designed to keep predators and other such threats at bay as parents will sign in on any adult or Facebook account that wants to chat with your child.

2. Use a Facebook Monitoring App

You need to select a child phone monitoring app to spy on Facebook Messages of your child. If the child has been deleting their messages from Messenger Kids or if they are on Facebook Messenger.
With the help of such a monitoring app you can:-
* See all the sent and received messages from different conversations
* See the time and date stamp on all the messages
* Block problematic contacts
In addition, there will be additional spying features like:-
* Tinder Tracking
* GPS Tracking
* Social Media Tracking
* SMS Tracking
* Whatsapp Tracking
* Phone-book and Calendar Access


Children are a curious and vulnerable age group who are most likely to land in trouble when chatting online. They can be the target of predators and scam artists online. As such, a Facebook spy app could be a handy tool to shield them from being manipulated by clever talk or a fishy link to trick them into revealing crucial financial information.

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