How to Choose the Best Portable Monitor | Step By Step Guide

Portable monitor is a nice way of getting your productivity level to the advanced phase. It’s a nice second screen option if you’re more into office work or any other project. Along with your laptop a portable monitor is always proved to be the best companion of a working guy. So if you’re searching for a best portable screen for your laptop or PC, indeed you have many options like Asus MB169C+ and Zenscreen MB16AC which are specifically made for office use. Whereas, Hori universal HD portable monitor is highly recommended for gaming purposes.

Anyhow, our aim is to provide you with the best possible guide that will help you choose the best portable monitor on the market. That said, let’s straight hop over to that,

Portable monitor Display

Many of us miss this point when we go out for portable monitor shopping. In fact, it’s an important factor that each one of us should consider before going out for buying a best portable usb monitor. Generally, we have the portable monitors that only offer 720 pixels of resolutions which is not a quite impressive thing. But the nice thing about these portable monitors is that they are cheap in price. On the other hand, these monitors are also low in performance.

If you’re into cheap portable screens, then that’s a fine option for you. But if you want to have more potential in a best portable monitor then indeed you have to pay more. Such monitors come with at least 1366 x 768 pixels resolutions. But remember all of the portable monitors with such resolutions are not always expensive because you won’t have to pay for the performance on the other hand.

Portable monitor Performance

Performance is the most important thing in a portable monitor because if its response time is high, you’re definitely wasting time and money on that portable monitor.

Make sure you go for the one which has at least 5 seconds of response time because this way you would be able to perform your tasks in less time without any hurdles.

Same is the case here, if you want high-end performance, you have to pay more for that.

Portable monitor Design

It should not be considered as important as other factors. You might find some portable monitors which are great in design but at the same time they suck at performance and display.

On the other hand, there are some portable monitors which suck at design but the performance is just n top of the line and display meets the user requirements.

So which one is better? The one with the good design or the one with the bad design? Of course the one with the bad design because everything matters here is the performance and other factors.

But don’t get me wrong. There are also portable monitors with the stunning design and fabulous performance at the same time. Most of such monitors are manufactured by ASUS and is the most highly rated company in this era.

Portable monitor type

Most of us have different taste which means some of us love to travel where some of us are more into gaming stuff and beyond that some sit all day on a chair to fulfill their office tasks.

Don’t get confused in getting the proper portable monitor as per your requirements. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, HORI is ahead than many companies in manufacturing best portable gaming monitors. Asus is great in manufacturing the office use and travel portable monitors.

Note: Make sure you pick the portable monitor which suits you better.

Connectivity options

Different types of portable monitors comes with different connectivity options. You are having the best HDMI portable monitors and the best USB powered portable monitors.  Some even has both of them.

Now it really depends on your choice. Whereas, my recommendation would be to get the portable monitor with the both options. It’s way better.


Follow these step that I mentioned and you’ll get the best possible portable monitor on the market. But do remember. If you’re really searching for the best portable monitor, my recommendation would be to follow the proper brands like Gechic, ASUS, Lenovo and HORI. These companies are highly rated these days in manufacturing the top quality portable monitors.

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