How to Create Paychecks with QuickBooks Desktop?

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How to Create Paychecks with QuickBooks Desktop?, How to Create Paychecks with QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s go over how to create paychecks for your employees, using QuickBooks desktop payroll, these stats will be relevant, as long as you have basic enhanced or assisted payroll, and these steps work for creating and printing paychecks or for using into its direct deposit service. Let’s get started.

  • First, select employees in the top menu bar, and then select pay employees in the drop down. If you have already set up a schedule, you can select that here. This is useful because once you set it up, QuickBooks will remember the details and you don’t have to fill them in each time. But we’re running an unscheduled payroll system to select them. The process steps are pretty much the same for both.
  • Now we’re in the answer payroll information screen. From here, you will select the dates of the period, and the day you want checks to go out and if you selected scheduled payroll, then QuickBooks fills these dates in for you. But we’re running an unscheduled payroll, so we’ll need to select them and now we’ll need to enter in our totals for each of our employees. We’re paying bi weekly, and all of these employees are full time. So we’ll enter an 80 hours for each. If an employee is on salary than entering hours here won’t affect their overall pay, but you might want to keep track of the hours they worked anyway.
  • Once this is done, we’ll select each employee we need to pay. Or we can select check all to select all employees. To view a breakdown of an employee’s paycheck, we can select an employee’s name or select Open paycheck detail to see everyone’s paycheck details from the paycheck Details screen, you can review all the with holdings for the employee, and for the company.
  • If you want to find out how these figures are being calculated, you can click here.
  • You can also make changes to a check if needed. For instance, we just remembered that Iran only worked nine days this pay period. So we can adjust his hours.
  • Once we’re done reviewing will select Continue interview and create paychecks will see a high level breakdown of each paycheck, as both the total breakdown for this payroll. This helps us make sure everything is accurate before issuing checks.
  • Similar to the previous section we can select an employee to see more details on their tech or make changes if needed.
  • Once everything looks good will select Create paychecks in the bottom right corner to generate the paychecks in QuickBooks. This takes us to the confirmation and next steps screen, where we can print out our paychecks by clicking here.
  • If you are using into its direct deposit service or QuickBooks desktop payroll assisted, you will be prompted to send payroll data into it from this screen and that’s it. Now try using QuickBooks desktop payroll to create paychecks for your own employees.

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