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HP Printer – Call Support – Toll Free 1-844-305-6556

Best HP Printer Support – Instant Support – Why choose HP Printer Troubleshooting Experts

HP printer support, HP Printer – Call Support – Toll Free 1-844-305-6556

We are here to bring you tips tricks and how to information every two weeks to help you get the most out of your HP products. When we were at our HP expert meetup in San Francisco few weeks back. We asked our experts, what their best tip was to keep their PCs running smoothly. The overwhelming majority, where do your updates seal your updates your updates run your Windows update to all your update keep your PC up to date so today we are going to share with you a tool that HP has developed that can help you keep your pc or printer up to date with top notch performance. So Bill. My first question is, what exactly HP customer support system is so great question. HP Support asst is your one stop shop for everything you need on your PC, whether it’s updates, whether it’s for drivers or software troubleshooting information, contact information. All of those things are available in HP technical Support Assistant. It’s the best thing to use on your PC to maintain it, keeping it running at the top performance. Where can I get it, is it already installed on my PC. That’s really cool because HP Support Assistant comes pre-installed on HP PCs running Windows 7881, or 10.

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So yes, it’s already installed on your PC, that’s awesome does it only work with hp computers. Another really it now is available for non HP PCs, because there’s an HP Support Assistant, where it’s supposed to be for for the printers, as well, so awesome. Okay, so are you gonna give us a little bored absolutely punch HP Support System in a couple of different ways. Well, three different ways you can search for it on the Start menu. You can also launch it from the task bar, if you already run it before. What’s up, did the down there one day, or you can start all apps, HP help and support at order says, When you launch it. It will win a welcome and welcome screen it’s kind of cool because you get to choose how you’d like to receive updates for HP Support assist a default is install important updates automatically when possible. There’s also a selection for install important and recommended updates when possible, there’s other options and things that you can look at through there. Number two is able your PC to show contact options warranty information and important support messages default on that one is yes as well. And then you can also choose how you’d like to be invited, there’s an option for pop ups to show. And there’s also option to display the icon, the little blue icon with question mark on the test.

You can also do a product innovation to HP, and you can check it again. When you click here is, it’s pretty cool. It starts out on the device screen. And we’re just going to go into. You can see there’s an update and a messages which are the two most common things that you’re going to look at an HP Support Assistant, but there’s a lot of other options. So we’ll go ahead and click on my PC. Now you’ll see this nice cool interface. So our new interface, really easy to get around here. First is the updates tab. And as you can see there’s no updates available for me because I just recently ran updates on this PC, but don’t think that you ran it recently, and it still shows no updates. You can run it anyway. Just click on the check for updates and messages, it’ll go out to the internet. And again, you got to be connected to the internet for this part, go out to the internet check for updates and insult messages are any messages that you might get if your PC isn’t optimized for instance, have a virus check result, they’ll be a message in here that says your PC might be at risk. So that’s what the messages will show on the Internet Security trial, you’ll see that, because I have my firewall rules on it okay for the city settings update on and user account controller that shows the connection here. It also shows that my browser. The install browser is Internet Explorer.

  • What’s also really cool in HP Support Asst. Is it has control and Thurs here. So there’s options for security here on the right side to take me to those different options that I need, possibly to troubleshoot or to turn a feature on or off.
  • In diagnostics and tools. This is where we go really deep into troubleshooting. It’s really cool because we have some guided troubleshooters for helping you to troubleshoot your PC on your own.
  • There’s a network check. And then there’s a few of these new added troubleshooters for things your power or no boot issues, if you have a no boot issue you’re not going to be in here, right. You got to use another PC.
  • But you have other things for storage issues, software, OS display performance and lockups keyboard and mouse troubleshooting and sound troubleshooting. These are all really common issues that we see the next tab is specifications. And believe it or not, we get a lot of questions on specifications, even though they’re printed on the outside of the box. People don’t keep the box. And so they still want to know what type of OS Do I have is it 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • You also want to know how much RAM you have, how big your hard drive is what version the BIOS is all these different things are all listed here in the settings. And, again, want to point out, contextual help on the right side contextual help and troubleshooting.
  • On the storage options is going to you any storage option that you have installed on your PC, whether it’s a hard drive a CD ROM if you have a thumb drive installed or anything like that, it’s going to show up in the storage options. And again, contextual help the last two tabs there’s warranty and service. And this will show you what your warranty is, as well as your start date and end date for that warranty.

If you have any questions on that you can contact HP Support. And to do that, you have options in your support that will get to in just a minute.


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