Instagram Reposting: Benefits and 10 Regramming Apps to Try Today

Instagram is synonymous with photo and video sharing. With over 1 billion monthly active users and nearly 500 million daily active users, it is second only to Facebook which is used by over 60% of internet users.

Perhaps, you spend a significant amount of time creating or curating high-quality content to share, connect and engage with your customers. Have you ever considered complementing your original content by sharing other users content on your Instagram profile and getting the same positive or even better results?

Instagram users love to see their own content promoted across brands they identify with and as a business owner, you could harness this to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. With branded hashtags and well-planned Instagram Repost of other users content, you can have a pool of quality content for your Instagram feed; boost your brand’s visibility, and engage with customers. This is a win-win situation that is made possible through Instagram reposting or regramming.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what is Instagram reposting or regramming, its importance and lastly, some top Instagram Repost apps you should try out, but first

What is Instagram Reposting or Regramming?

This is the process of sharing another account or user’s Instagram post (photo or video) on your own Instagram profile with credits to the user/creator using an Instagram Repost or Regram app.

This is a great strategy that helps you promote branded, co-marketed, and user-generated content, which is 76% more trustworthy than branded advertising, which reflects your brand/business goals and aligns with your brand voice and aesthetics.

4 Importance of Instagram Reposting

  1. Time Management

Sharing other users generated content on your profile gives you a large pool of great content for your Instagram feed, which saves you time you’d otherwise spend creating a new post. This helps you channel your time and energy into other marketing strategies for your business.

  1. Goodwill

When you follow certain Instagram accounts they usually follow back as a way of saying thank you. The same applies to regramming. When you repost other people’s content they may also repost yours in return.

This way you can gain goodwill, greater exposure, visibility and reach if the account regramming you has a huge following. This can gain you even new followers who may eventually become buyers in future.

  1. Sympathizers

When you post other people’s content, their fans, followers or sympathizers may also regram your content for identifying with their role model or idol. This can equally earn you free publicity plus new followers.

  1. Good Causes

Social causes can be furthered via regramming. With it, organizations can create awareness about certain issues like breast cancer. It can be used to warn of natural disasters or emergencies. Missing person announcement can be buoyed via reposting. So much can be done with it.


Most social networks have already built-in repost feature but this is not the case with Instagram.

However, there are great third-party apps that integrate well with Instagram for reposting or regramming.

Below are

10 Instagram Repost Apps You Should Try Today

Instagram Repost/Regram Apps 




Repost for Instagram

·         Available for both iOS and Android OS.

·         Repost images and videos.

·         Adds a watermark to the image crediting the account you’re reposting it from.

·         Clean user interface.

·         Automatically copies the caption of the original picture.

·         Keeps a neat list of the Instagram links you copy over time.

·         Free and subscription version available.




Insta Repost

·         Reposts pictures and videos with clear watermark.

·         Available on Android OS.

·         Built-in editor that lets you edit the captured posts, add stickers, emojis, drawing or text over the original post.

·         Allows sharing reposts on other social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp or Pinterest.

·         Free and subscription version available.





·         Available on Android OS.

·         Repost all photos and videos or save them on your phone without any watermarks.

·         Supports multiple images and videos.

·         No login required.

·         Free.

·         Super fast.



Repost Photo& Video for Instagram



·         Available on Android OS.

·         Repost images and videos.

·         Copies captions automatically.

·         Has the username watermark option, and you don’t need to pay to remove the watermark.

·         Lists posts that have multiple pictures/videos separately, so you can pick one to post.

·         Free and subscription version available.









·         Available on Android OS.

·         Regram/Repost directly without copying URL.

·         Downloads and saves any photo or video from Instagram feed to your device.

·         Reposts without Watermarks.

·         Super fast video repost.

·         Download & Repost private profiles.

·         Free.








 Repost via Instant


·         Available on iOS.

·         Repost videos and images.

·         Supports multiple videos and multiple photos repost.

·          Copy tags or whole content.

·         Downloads and saves pictures/videos on your phone.

·         100% free.



Repost it! Save and Repost for Instagram

·         Available on Android OS.

·         Reposts images, videos and stories directly from your Instagram account to story or feed.

·         Free and subscription version available.

·         No Instagram Login needed.


InstaSave Repost

·         Available on iOS and Android OS.

·         Reposts images and videos without watermark.

·         Downloads and saves photos and videos.

·         Free.

·         No Instagram Login required.



Repost Photo & Video Download and Save


·         Available on iOS and Android OS.

·         Downloads and saves all photos and videos.

·         Reposts/Regram pictures and videos with a clear watermark on Instagram directly.

·         Adds stickers, emojis, texts and your drawings to photos and videos.

·         Shows you the latest posts about trending topics in the world and nearby.

·         Shares repost directly to your friends via any social network.

·         Free and subscription version available.



Repost for Instagram-Regrann


·         Available on Android OS.

·         100% Free.

·         No login required.

·         Reposts Instagram photos and videos without watermarks.

·         Reposts Instagram photos right from Instagram without leaving the app.

·         Downloads and saves Instagram photos and videos to your phone.

·         Credits the creator or user in the caption of your repost without modifying photos and videos.




Create stronger bonds and interactions between your brand and your customers, and leverage on additional content for your Instagram feed by adding Instagram repost or regram to your overall Instagram marketing strategy using any of these or other program apps out there.

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