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What is Microsoft Office and How to Install ms office for macbook pro?

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Install Microsoft Office on mac, Install Microsoft Office 2019 on  Macbook Pro – Easy Steps

Microsoft Office is a very important software in your computer. It is actually a collection of computer programs, which is made by Microsoft. So this package contains programs like Microsoft Word, which is a text editor, you can create letter main document or design a web page using Microsoft Word. The next is Microsoft Excel, which is a spreadsheet format. Lot of your data on the spreadsheet, you can do a lot of calculations addition subtraction, and many, many more families, you can use on Microsoft Excel. And there is Microsoft PowerPoint so if you’re preparing any presentations.

Then you can use this particular program. Microsoft Outlook, so if you have multiple email accounts and if you want to manage all your emails from a place, or if you want to manage your emails, effectively, then this is a very good program from Microsoft. Then there is of access, which is a database program so if you have to save a lot of data. And then you want to use a user friendly form to insert that data and then save it in a database format, then you can use Microsoft Access. Then there is publisher design brochures calendars. And then there is Microsoft ratio, in which, with the help of a chicken prepare. So charts and many advanced level diagrams, the three basic programs which we use very often, especially if you are beginners to computer then we use Microsoft Word Microsoft excel at Microsoft PowerPoint.

Follow Steps – Install Microsoft Office on Macbook Pro

  • Click Here to Donwload. Then click on the download button.
  • It might take up to 30 minutes, depending on your internet speed, you may close the browser. Once download as completed.
  • Next, locate the file in your downloads, which is the compressed file, open the five.
  • You’ll be see the following packages installed.
  • Installing Microsoft Excel. First, double click to open Microsoft Excel package first. The installer will start, click on continue on this step, you may change the language. If you wish to. In my case, I believe it by default, English, and click Continue. And then click on agree, from this step. You can change the location of integration of Microsoft.
  • In my case, I believe it default location, and click continue next key in your MacBook password and click install software.
  • Depending on your Mac speed.
  • It will install the XL package accordingly. Once you see the following message installation was successful, you because the installer, and click on move to trash. You will now notice that accelerates here from the main installer folder. Similarly, follow the steps for all Microsoft Office 2019 products.
  • As you may see, all Microsoft installed products are here.
  • Once we are done with the installation of Microsoft products before opening any one of them.
  • Next, look at the Microsoft steriliser from the download, click to open it.
  • Click on Continue. And key in your iMac, or Mac password.
  • Once the installation is completed. That’s all. MS Office is successfully installed and activated. Next, we will open Microsoft Word, and to make sure the installation was correct. And the product is activated.
  • As you may see, Microsoft Word is successfully installed, and the product key is activated.
  • Similarly, you can check other Microsoft products like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft excellent can see all the products are installed activated successfully.
  • You can see all the products are installed and activated successfully.

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