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Norton Password Generator, Use Norton Password Generator – Strong passwords

In this article you will learn how to use password generator feature within Norton Password Manager browser extension to generate strong passwords.

Due to increasing online threats, it is necessary that the passwords you use in all your online credentials must be strong passwords.

  • Whenever you navigate to a web page and create a new login. Use the password generator feature in your Norton Password Manager browser extension to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or gets.
  • Let’s see how to generate some strong passwords.
  • Before starting, ensure that you have installed the Norton Password Manager browser extension, or add on in your browser, click on it and then sign in using your Norton account email address and password.
  • In unlock your vault page, enter the vault password. Select the checkbox, take me to vault, and then click Open.
  • In the Norton Password Manager main page, click on the menu icon on the top right, and then click password generator.
  • In case your vault is already open, click on the installed Norton Password Manager browser extension, and then click on the menu icon in the drop up menu, choose password generator.
  • A strong password of 20 digits by default is displayed at the top.
  • This password can be altered by checking one or more of the criteria checkbox is shown below.
  • And the length of the password can be changed by dragging the slide header, as you drag it indicates if the password is bad, weak or strong. Note that the lengthier it is and the more criteria you choose than the stronger and secure the password will be this password can either be copied or regenerated using the options provided.
  • You can use this copied password, while you create a new account on a website. And when you login again using the copied password. Norton Password Manager offers an option to save this credential to your vault. Click Save to safely save your login details to your vault at a later stage when you wish to change the password of the saved login potential, the password generator automatically detects it and suggests all the related login credentials of that domain, with a new strong password, that it generates automatically upon your choice, the corresponding login credential is updated with this new auto generated strong password and trial offers an option to replace the old password in the vault, click Replace.
  • Every next time you log in with your vault open the saved credentials can be easily retrieved.
  • That’s it, go ahead and install the password manager browser extension, start using the password generator to generate strong passwords for various websites and store them safely in the vault.
  • Thanks for visiting, and thanks for choosing Norton for your security needs. For more information.

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