What Are The Popular App Development Trends For Android

It is really fascinating to see that Android has advanced a lot and has brought about huge transformation in the industry of mobile app development. It was launched in 2008, and since then the market of Android’s smart phones has expanded vastly around 85 percent. However, it is expected to grow at a 5 year compound annual growth rate of 2.4 percent with shipments nearing 1.41 billion in the year 2022.

Adoption of Android has increased by leaps and bounds and in the process many competitors were knocked down with respect to market share and innovation. Android is coming up with improved tools and advanced techniques with each year in the zone of mobile app development. The changes are mainly incorporated to simplify the process of development and to offer the best services in design and user experience.

Innovations regarding new ideas and trends signify changes. To understand the trends and implications of the Android ecosystem, it is essential to get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company focusing in creating Android apps.

Now let us have a quick look on the following trends of developing Android apps that can give you a better insight regarding those that will influence the year 2019.

Continuous increase in Android instant apps: Using Google Instant Play, users can try out apps seamlessly avoiding the process of installation. This is because do not have to be downloaded, they are easy to use like a website and can be operated directly from cloud. Hence, such app won’t consume extra spaces on your mobile device.

Instant apps can also eliminate cluttering of unnecessary apps on your devices. Google has come up with number of attractive features that makes it easier for Android app developers to create smaller apps that can be downloaded faster enabling potential users experience the desired features without installation. Android app bundle is a new app publishing format in this direction to witness further advancements of Android instant apps.

Architecture of Android apps: The guidelines of Google’s architecture define the best practices of mobile app development services to create strong and high performance apps. The components of Android architecture serve as an effective starting point to develop stable apps. Using architecture components apps can be created with less boilerplate codes and can emphasize on those that can make apps distinctive.

Android and emerging technologies: Now the entire focus is to make Google smarter by utilizing AI  in all aspects ranging from smartphones to self driven cars. The strategy of Google’s AI focuses on expanding the reach of machine learning along with AI for developing mobile apps. The popularity of assistants is increasing with each passing day. There are many assistants which are being incorporated in apps in the form of Chatbots.

Google has introduced Actions and Slices which helps to integrate apps directly with the assistants on the device. Google prefers that its users should spend more time on platforms such as Google lens, which is a visual search tool used to search the world surrounding you with your camera.

Android app development is planning to take the next jump by amalgamating AR/VR with AI. In the process it will bring in advancements for immersive technologies by incorporating the Visual Positioning Service.

This is indeed a great initiative among the latest AR technology which helps in identifying visual features in the surroundings of the users.

Multiplatform development is increasing: Flutter made by Google enables in creating amazing native apps on Android using a single code base. It provides new architecture like extensible and customizable widgets.

Native or Kotlin is a technology for compiling Kotlin into native binaries. It enables in creating apps using native instruments and libraries. The compiler of Kotlin produces standalone executables that can function without the help of virtual machine. Native or Kotlin is bound to become popular in 2019.

Android Enterprise: Android devices are the most used and the preferred ones for the business enterprises. Android Enterprise,a Google led program helps in establishing the best practices related to Android apps within an Enterprise ecosystem. Apart from this, it offers complete control over data and apps owned by a business organization.

Android Enterprise also provides tools and APIs, for the developers which offer strong support for Android with respect to Enterprise Mobility Management solutions.

Conclusion: Year 2019 will signify a prominent shift for the industry of Android app development. The operating system of Google is developing at a rapid pace to meet customer expectations. Any business enterprises can now reap the benefits of a mobile app development company because of its optimum uses of latest technologies.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the co-founder of Red Apple Technologies, a popular company offering diverse mobile app development services. He keeps an eye on the prevailing trends of mobile app development with respect to the international market. In his free time he reads blogs and articles to remain updated about the upcoming trends that can truly influence creating purposeful and engaging Android apps.

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