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New York based Time Warner company known for mass media entertainment possesses mainly 3 business divisions, Turner Broadcasting System, Warner Bros, and Home Box office. Besides entertainment section, Time Warner company also provides Roadrunner mail service to help you easily send and receive emails, important files, documents, pictures, etc.

Roadrunner comes with an incredible customer support service, the representatives of this mail service are always ready to assist you and can reached easily via their official or toll-free number. The roadrunner internet provides one main roadrunner email account along with 5 similar accounts that can be managed using the self-care system of roadrunner and the login details of the main account.

Listed below are a few distinctive features of the Roadrunner email:

–       This account is easy to create

–       It is easy to navigate and use

–       It gives a voluminous storage capacity

–       It is easy to configure with the other email providers

–       Sorts the emails automatically

–       Offers an online address directory

Procedure to set up Roadrunner and sub-user email:


  1. Firstly, sign-in via the self-care (roadrunner subscriber)
  2. Fill in your main roadrunner’s login ID, password and click on “next”
  3. Then, click on the link ‘user management’ on the web page
  4. Click on ‘create new sub-user’ button
  5. Fill in all the information asked on the page about the new sub-user. Fill email address in ‘new sub-user option’ column. Now enter, your name, create a password and confirm it. (In case any problem occurs, contact on the customer support number.)
  6. Again click on the ‘create new sub-user’ button. In the tab ‘sub-users’ you get redirected to the page ‘user management’ with your new created sub-user name.
  7. Now you need to click on the ‘enable user’ button on the above page (user management)
  8. After this, click on options ‘enabled’ and then ‘update’.
  9. This adds a new accessible email address to this account. (If not so, contact the support team.)

Roadrunner is a part of Time Warner Cable Service (TWC), a top service distributor in America giving services such as e-gaming, shopping, e-mailing, etc. You can also access the roadrunner email via TWC mail login. You just need to login into your roadrunner email, then create the TWC mail account and you are ready to go. This is a widely used email service and can be used on any device such as a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and many others.

In case if you forget your email ID or password, it can be recovered or changed with the help of technical support number or visit the help page on their official website. Also, configuring the server settings of this email is easy for the users. It can be done manually or again with the help of the support team.

Troubleshooting email and related issues is not a tough task, you only need to analyze the exact problem and solve it accordingly with the assistance of the technical support team.

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