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Roku Not Connecting with Wifi

Easy steps to fix Roku Not Connecting with Wifi

If your Roku is not connecting with your Wi-Fi. You a solution in this short article, that works like 99% of the time. Also, Okay, now let’s fix your Roku.

  1. You want to start at the home screen on your Roku it’ll look something like this. And then we’re going to show you how to press the sequence of buttons on your remote to pull up a Roku screen where we will have to change by going. Okay. If you don’t follow these presses, we’re actually going to put them on top here so you can read them as well and write them down, but you want to push the home button, five times.
  2. Fast forward, play. Rewind play fast forward. And that should bring up this screen that we’re going to right now. Okay, when you get.
  3. You want to scroll up to the system’s operation menu.
  4. And then you want to go up to the disable network pings, and you want to select that. If you select it, it’ll actually turn to enable networking. Okay, that should fix your problem. I do recommend doing a system restart though before you try it just to make it work. And I’ll talk you through that’s pretty easy.
  5. You want to go now into the settings menu and System menu
  6. The system, restart. And then hit restart.
  7. A few seconds or two you’ll see the bouncing Roku letters.
  8. And when the system comes back. Hopefully, your system should be working perfectly

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