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How To Update Roku Device? 

If you are a Roku owner and you’ve had one for a while, you might have noticed it now and then they’ll be an announced update that requires what’s called a firmware upgrade.

That might sound confusing. It’s nothing to worry about. firmware is basically software that makes the machine run and in order to update it. This is what you do, from anywhere in the Roku screen. You can press the home button, which is going to pull up this menu, and I’ll show you what I mean. Let’s say you’re in Hulu Plus, we’ll let that load on Hulu Plus.

  1. So we’re going to hit the home button.
  2. And this menu, which is home.
  3. So we’re going to go into settings and press OK.
  4. You scroll down to system with the arrow buttons and press OK.
  5. And you scroll down to system update and press OK.
  6. And see, this shows you that, in my case, I have software 6.1, the Roku dates.
  7. As you see, it lists, when it was last updated February 24, and it checks every day on its own, but sometimes don’t be a new update that doesn’t automatically roll out for everybody, but you can add it by doing this.
  8. See it sort of check now already, you press OK, And now it’s going to check for new software,
  9. it will load the new software and update your Roku.
  10. This is also a good way to update channels. Sometimes a channel will change. They’ll maybe be a new look a new feature.
  11. And going to them. update or there will get you the latest and greatest Roku channels.
  12. But that is all.
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