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Some Famous Ransomware Names in History

Is there a difference between the earlier times and recent in terms of technology? Yes, in the old times, people found it difficult to convey messages to others in far-off countries. Now, with the internet and other technological innovations, the entire globe has been united to form one human race. Then, there were the times, when jobs used to get completed only by manual tasks. Now, new electronic appliances have stepped in to replace manual jobs. The best example is a washing machine. Yes, technology has brought in many innovations for the benefit of mankind. But it also has brought several negative aspects – for example, fear of security. In this article, let us focus on some famous ransomware names in history.

What is Ransomware?

First, let us understand the word. It is a malicious code that first gains entry to your computer. And then block the access to your system. So, you will not be able to access the files nor confidential data. In other words, if you need access, you will have to shell some money to the account number. So, the answer, that is decryption key, will be mailed to you.

Famous Ransomware Names in History

When it comes to famous names of ransomware, then it is easy to guess about Locky, WannaCry, and NotPetya. The malicious code or ransomware is always a threat to individual computers, large corporate systems and small to medium businesses servers.

On the internet, you mainly find articles related to the virus, trojans, and spyware. Not many articles are there for ransomware. But the truth is ransomware is more dangerous than all the malicious virus and others put together. And they can easily exploit the vulnerabilities in your system to make you pay the amount for the encryption key.

Famous Ransomware Names in History

Let us not go too far and not too recent. When it comes to the year 2013, the best example is the name Cryptolocker. In the same year, it infected more than 2 lakh computer system and its creators earned a few million. Cryptolocker has become one of the famous ransomware names in history.

  1. NotPetya

The name may make you go to laughter. But when first introduced, it was as an update for tax software. But it spread very soon and infected computers of nearly a hundred countries in just a few days. The companies most infected were in the US, and they faced severe damage.

  1. WannaCry

The name is similar to the destruction it caused for many agencies. It did not spare even the law enforcement agencies. But yes, it became one of the famous ransomware names in history. Courtesy – it became the first to make use of EternalBlue and successfully exploited the loophole in Microsoft protocol.

  1. Locky

Ransomware locks your computer, and so the name “Locky” suits its credentials. In 2016, Locky was more popular. But in 2017, new entrants such as Lukitus and Diablo also used the same method to attack computers.

  1. CrySis

Although the ransomware attacks are increasing every year, not all companies complain. The result is a loss of name in the industry and society. And this particular ransomware struck only Remote Desktop Services. The professionals first hacked into the victim’s systems and then manually installed the programs. But it is estimated this Crysis Ransomware made money for its creators.  So, you can include Crysis as one among the famous ransomware names in history.

  1. Nemucod


Similar to facebook groups, there are also ransomware families. This ransomware comes to your computer in the form of a phishing email, but it will be cleverly designed as a shipping invoice. If you touch the mail, then the malware and other encryption software get downloaded from its websites. This ransomware also finds inclusion in the famous ransomware names in history.

  1. Jaff

Jaff got noticed in the middle of the year 2017, the month, May. But it uses the tactics of Locky. Millions of spam emails get sent to targets in a few hours. The ransomware charges you needed to pay come to about $6000 not in cash or in currency, but in BitCoins.

  1. Spora

The hackers make money in double methods. First, they can hack reputed websites and add a code of Javascript. So, when the victim switches on the computer, a pop-up alert will prompt him or her to update the Browsers (Chrome). Then the infection happens. Now, hackers can extort money from you. They can also steal confidential information from your data, and sell them for cash. Spora comes across as one of the famous ransomware in history as the program makes money for its creators.


There are also other famous viruses such as Cerber, Cryptomix, and Jigsaw. But in the month of February 2019, it is Ryuk ransomware that is making the news. It has already made millions for the cybercriminals. Now how do you prevent ransomware in your computer? That is the big question. If you are running a company, ensure you keep the software updated.

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