Some Simple Steps To Improve Your Health

Everyone wants to live a healthy life but in this modern era we neglect our health issues just because we don’t have so much time to do exercise daily. Our body wants proper nutrients and proteins and for that you have to take care of yourself. Follow these simple steps to improve your health.

  • Your body is 90 percent water and wants proper water for almost every function and it clears our system and flush out the toxins. It also helps to reduce weight.
  • Don’t take coffee and tea and switch to organic tea.
  • Meditation is compulsory because it removes stress and you feel refresh.
  • Take One or two multi vitamin supplement daily and buy all these supplements from Medlife because Medlife offers ultimate discounts on Medicines.
  • Stop taking alcohols because it harms your body.
  • Drink Milk daily to fulfill body calcium and strong your bones.
  • Start exercise daily and include running, cycling and cardio sessions.
  • Include almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, cashew in your daily routine.
  • Stop eating snacks like chips, samosas, burgers, French fries, oily paranthas and many other junk foods. Start eating dry fruits, whole grain biscuits, freshly cut fruits, Poha and brown bread sandwiches.
  • Join yoga, aerobics or zoomba classes for increasing the body’s flexibility.
  • Wakeup early in the morning and start your day with jogging.
  • Quit Smoking because smoking causes illness and it is not good for your heart, lungs, kidney and so on. Smoking damages your each and every organ.
  • Quit Drinking
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep so that you can feel relaxed in the morning.
  • Start eating dark chocolate because it reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Drinking water immediately before and after meals suppresses digestive fire and leads to gaseous problems.
  • Don’t take your medicine with cold water.
  • Your first enemy is stress so stop over thinking and over analyzing. Stress reduces your immune system which is not healthy so find a ways to reduce emotional stress.
  • Healthy life is totally related to healthy food. So start eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t skip your breakfast and important meal will go long way to keep your life healthy. Eating properly food will give you all vitamins and minerals that you need for healthy life. Stop eating junk food that causes many health problems. Staying in less polluted area, using air filter if you stay in polluted city will help your lungs function well and give you long and healthy life.
  • Eat a high protein breakfast. So start eating eggs because Eggs are the best source of protein and the best part is they are natural.
  • When you work all day in office and coming back home at night has caused many people vitamin D deficient. So whenever you get time start standing in sunlight for some time this will help you to absorb vitamin D naturally.
  • If you don’t have time for gym, yoga, aerobics then you can do is take a brisk walk outdoor. Stop taking that elevator, escalator and lift. Many of us have desk jobs which is not good for our body and heart. So whenever you get time start walking so that you can stay healthy for your whole life.
  • Your body needs rest so this is very important that we should take proper sleep. Due to TV, Mobile phones, laptops and many other electronic gadgets around us, we are missing a lot of sleep. Your body needs rest and needs to reboot back when you wake up. When you take proper sleep it will helps you to live longer and stay healthy.


Preeti Gautam

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