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Top 7 Effective Tools For Your Social Media Marketing

Did you know that out of 7.7 billion world population, there are 3.499 billion active social media users who spend 142 minutes on an average daily? Well, don’t you think the number is amazingly increasing with each passing day?

It is with the help of smooth internet availability and efficient marketing strategies of the companies that students asking any search engine to write my dissertation UK and getting a long list of websites available at your service. Well, you must go for a trustworthy and high-quality company since not everyone is authentic. In case you approach the dissertation help and buy dissertation  online from them, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of work they deliver that at affordable packages. Another similar marketing platform that will experience a significant boost in your business expansion and growth is social media.

With smartphones and internet availability being easily available in every nook and corner of the world, majority of the people have one or the other application installed in their phones. Other than interacting and communicating with the connections, there is a lot more than social media has to offer.

For people seeking help to make their social media marketing success, it is highly recommended to make the most of efficient and time-saving online tools that yield them fruitful results. Here are 7 best tools complied for you so that you can perform perfect social media marketing to make your brand a success.


Want to get your posts automatically published? Buffer is one of the efficient tools that allow social media marketers to schedule their post ahead of time and have them updated on social platforms on specified time. The users can even review their posts and get some ideas on how their post can perform better. Up to 25 members of the team can work together on Buffer and conduct an effective social media marketing strategy.

2. Hootsuite

Having more than one social media account of your company might lead to a struggle in managing those accounts manually. Hootsuite has been specifically designed to help those marketers who want to manage their multiple accounts efficiently.

Here are some of the features it offers:

  • Allowing multiple social media accounts of the company through a single dashboard.
  • Hundreds of social media content and post can be scheduled at a time
  • It offers optimal security of user information, passwords, and profiles
  • The content is being saved on a cloud so that there is no or low risk of information loss

3. Social Oomph

Another most competent tool used to manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. has been a successful one when it comes to handling various tasks at a time. The tool allows users to schedule posts, blogs, and tweets and even give suggestions and recommendations to perform better.

The ability to identify Twitter accounts that are influential through keyword search is commendable. Businesses make use of this efficient tool to optimize their productivity and promote their brand to a specific target market through efficient means.

4. Sprout Social

Do you want to look for a particular connection on social media and then initiate a strengthening professional bond with it? There is no tool better than Sprout Social.

The tool not only allows users to find a real connection, but it also helps in strengthening the bond with them via a quicker and smarter means of communication. Users can efficiently start their conversations and maintain them for a long term. Multiple social media profiles of different networks can be managed efficiently through this smart platform. Subscribers can use 30-day free trial and then pay subscription charges to make the most out of it and avail premium features.

5. Lithium

Another amazing tool that helps businesses to perform successful and proficient social media marketing is Lithium that allows brands to connect and interact with their customers smoothly.

Some of the features it offers to its users are:

  • Help automate and schedule social media posts and content.
  • Brands can monitor the conversations that are linked to them and can later join those conversations to strengthen ties with their customers.
  • A single platform is available to handle posts, campaigns, responses, and content.
  • Businesses can make the most of the online communication to promote their brand and share information with the customers.

6. Tagboard

Tagboard has been specially designed to gather the entire brand’s data of social media channels and then showcase that data into powerful and attractive displays for efficient analysis. One of its tools, Tagboard Live allows users to have a live display of their post on the screen that can be customized through smart displays and layouts.

In addition to managing live social media posts, the tools also make use of hashtags to gather public social media within a couple of seconds of being posted. Furthermore, the users can avail social advertising, integration and metrics and real-time notifications.

7. Post Planner

Last but not the least; Post Planner comes with a variety of features and options to get optimal results of your social media marketing. Some of its amazing features are as follows:

  • Users can look for relevant content and then share it on a social platform to obtain remarkable results.
  • It allows users to have the ratings of their posts so that they can check if the post can acquire 5-stars or not.
  • Social feeds can be managed into collections.
  • Posts can be scheduled and posted automatically on defined time.

From organization multiple social media posts to scheduling them beforehand, there is a number of features that every tool has to offer. Businesses can avail numerous benefits of each of the tool highlighted in this article and attract a greater number of target audience strategically.

Thus, if you are all set to launch your social media marketing plan, make sure these tools are included in them so that you can make the most of these effective social media marketing applications and see how they will deliver some remarkable and predictable results.


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