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Unique Key factors about SMO and SEO

These days, every business has gone online because of the advancement in technology and the internet. It’s now possible to book the tickets and shop right from the comfort of your home. For driving more potential customers and increasing business growth, there is the necessity of digital advertisement and promotions. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO and SMO are the two effective methods of advertisement that is mainly followed by the people. We all must have heard about SMO and SEO. But, what these terms are all about?

The main objective of these techniques is to direct the traffic to the websites for increasing sales and business. Many people might get confused about these two marketing strategies. To clear their doubts, here’s a guide that will let you know about the unique key factors of SEO and SMO. First, let us start with the SEO technique:

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy in which you can make your website’s ranking higher in the search results in the search engine like Google. No matter what is the size of the company, an online presence is very important for attracting customers. Search engine optimization is considered as the first step that will help you in popularizing your business and services. Some of the key facts about SEO are:

  • No penalization for duplicate content: There is one common question that many people think- is there any penalization for duplicate content? The answer to this question in No. But, it is always advised that you must keep count of the issue of duplicate content whenever you are thinking of improving the marketing strategy. ou can use any plagiarism checker free tool for your content.
  • No impact of rich snippets: When it comes to the SEO rich snippets. People always ask do they any impact on the page ranking. Answer for this is not really. The main purpose of rich snippets is to add extra information in a search listing. As per Google and other sources, these snippets never influence rankings. But, there is a lot of indirect SEO benefits associated with rich snippets. In an indirect way, it will help you in attracting more people to visit your website. This might help you in increasing your web presence.
  • Ranking without links: Another fact that is related to the search engine optimization is that ranking without links is possible. Google always give focus on improving the rank of the page based on the facts. This means instead of links, the trustworthiness and facts of a domain might help to rise up rankings of the pages.
  • Constructive page titles: Many times, website developers and professionals give their complete focus on the keywords and very little on the content’s title. But, one of the important things to consider is that titles and headlines are considered as the most elements of on page in search engine optimization. Titles are important that helps in increasing the ranking of the website. Having a productive page title always helps in attracting the visitor’s traffic. Thus, it is always advised to emphasis both on content and constructive titles.
  • Maximum clicks for top results: This is a truth that while searching on the search engines, users only click on the top 5 links or results which they get on the first attempt. It means there are about more than 75 percent of visitors who click on the top results. Only 25 percent of the visitors who are curious to find more click in the other results or links.
  • Low content websites: This is a fact that when it comes to search engine optimization then the content is considered a secondary thing. According to surveys and sources, it has been observed that top social media platforms including Yahoo and Facebook are not considered content based. This means that content doesn’t matter much for SEO.
  • Meta descriptions increase the clicks: These descriptions are the preview that you will get on clicking a link on the search engines. With these meta descriptions, visitors will get an idea of what will open if the will click on the link. Meta descriptions will help in increasing the number of clicks if they are interestingly written. Make sure that the Meta descriptions that you have written on each page are unique.

This was all about SEO services and its unique facts that have made people go for it. Consistent growth and change in the SEO sector have made to emerge several facts of SEO every single day. These above mentioned are some unbiased and unique facts that must be considered while using SEO service in Noida. Now, let’s have a close look at the facts of social media optimization marketing strategy:

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

As the name implies, SMO is all about making the advertisement and promotions through different social media platforms. Some of the interesting and unique facts of social media marketing are:

  • Younger people are on social media platforms: This is one of the important facts that no one can deny is that there is a huge percentage of young people on all the platforms. This means that ignoring social media channels can reduce the number of visitors.
  • The image makes sense: When it comes to social media, your content won’t get notified by users if there will no image. These days, social media is all about posting images. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, your business will get engagement only if it has images.
  • Customer service on social media is good for revenues: Through social media, you can contact directly to the users or customers. If they have any query then you can resolve then instantly through direct messages. Quick response to the customer’s query to considered good for the generating revenues and increasing the sales.
  • Increased number of older age on social media: With the passage of time and more interest in mobile, there has been seen an increase in the number of old aged persons on different social media platforms. This is again beneficial for your business. You can get to interact with these users through social media platforms.

This was all about the key facts of social media marketing. No matter whether you are focusing on search engine optimization or social media marketing, the main objective should be increasing the online visibility of the business.

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