All You Need To Know About Seedbox

A seedbox is a private dedicated server with the public IP address used to upload and download digital files particularly the bit torrent files. The files are first uploaded to a seedbox. The users can then download them on their Personal computers through HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or rsync protocols safely at high speeds. Seedboxes generally use the Bit Torrent protocol for uploading and downloading of files. It is a sort of storage server and quickly uploads and downloads files and data in a peer to peer (P2P) network.

Why do you need a Seedbox?

  1. Expertise in Linux and Networking is not required- with VPS (Virtual Private Server) everything is set up and ready for torrenting. Some providers deploy seedboxes even in Windows or MacOS.
  2. The content can be transferred all day long- you can rent seedbox on a month-by-month or yearly basis and are available 24/7. No need to pay extra amount for resources, utilities, and space.
  3. A choice between shared or dedicated- use dedicated server if you have more budget, want stable speed and use your own hardware. But if your budget is limited and you can share resources with multiple users then use a shared box.
  4. High speed- a throughput of 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) is seen while downloading/uploading. You can download a 1 GB file at 100 Mbps in 2 minutes.
  5. Servers are located in friendly countries- European countries like the Netherlands, France, and Finland have the best infrastructure, connectivity and speed compared to other countries. These are also less strict on copyrighted things hosted on servers in comparison to countries like Germany and the US.
  6. The local Internet connection is prevented from being crowded- the local ISP will block your IP if they find torrent traffic coming from it. Seedboxes use a different ISP so no such problem will ever arise.

Benefits of using a seedbox

  • Protects the privacy of the users- using home IP is risky but if you use a remote third-party server with a different public IP then the risk is zero.
  • Share ratio is improved in private communities- share ratio is the ratio of the amount of data uploaded to the amount of data downloaded. Since seedboxes are very popular on a P2P network and BitTorrent communities, users have started sharing more and more data.
  • Overcomes bandwidth throttling imposed by ISPs since it doesn’t use the home ISP to download torrents.
  • Convenient to use- torrenting demands high resources and it’s almost impossible to use the internet to download torrents.  The seedbox can be managed anywhere and from any device. You can use your mobile phone to check downloads.
  • Expands the local content storage- seedbox can be used in two ways: as middle-man or permanent cloud storage. As a middle-man, it can be used only to download and seed torrents into your PC. Another way is that you download and store the content on the seedbox and see it from there whenever you want.
  • Can see the content from specific countries- say your seedbox is in Germany, you can see contents of that country.
  • Can be used as backup storage- you can store data on seedbox to be assessed later on.
  • Can be used to host websites- It is a cheaper alternative to other web hosting service sites but first you’ll have to install basic hosting software like Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, etc.
  • Can act as a streaming media center- You can use a streaming media server like Plex to organize the downloaded content. Then you can see it anytime without downloading into your PC. Some torrent clients allow streaming video or audio while downloading.
  • Connects to different places through VPN- seedbox can be used as a VPN with other tools like OpenVPN to connect to the internet from a different geographical location. A tunnel is created from your PC to the seedbox and any information in between is encrypted. But still, there is a big difference between Seedbox vs VPN.


The torrent files are directly downloaded from the remote seedbox at high speed without affecting your own resources. Your computer acts only as a manager and all the hard work is done by Seedbox. Different packages tailored to different torrent users are available. Go for the one that best suits you.

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