Why Alexa ranking is important for SEO?

Alexa ranking is an important factor that influences your ranking and online image. This reflects your work efficiency. It is a measure of the online popularity of a website. To measure Alexa ranking there are many tools available on the internet.  Let’s see how Alexa rank works. 

How to Alexa Ranking Works?

As of Alexa.com-Traffic rank is based on 3 months of historical traffic data gathered from millions of Alexa toolbar users and other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined solution of page views and users (access).

It is to say that the ranking has been calculated using a proprietary method, which combines the approximate average of the site’s daily average visitors and the estimated number of page views in the last 3 months. Alexa has used data from millions of users around the web who use the toolbar provided by the company.

Alexa Toolbar is available through the Alexa website along with browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Alexa To be able to get these data, users have to install the Alexa Toolbar on their browser.

Given that it is never an internet user (ever) who installs and uses Toolbar, most people do not overweight Alexa rank. Alexa also acknowledges that “Traffic estimation and rank of Alexa is based on people’s browsing behavior in our global data panel, which is a sample of all Internet users.”

However, the data provided by Alexa can help you to consider “normal” in most cases how popular the website is, hence the reason for this is still considered useful. But then, why check such data? What do you want for this? After this, discuss.

As Alexa puts it, you discover “how well the web is doing relative to all other sites on the web in the last 3 months”. 

Here are four key points with the data of Alexa Rank:

Self-analysis: If you are the owner of a blogger or website, it is important to know the Alexa Rank of your site because it clearly tells you how popular your website is on the Internet. You can use the data on the most strategic moves to improve traffic to your site or to advance the competition. And of course, you can see Alexa Web Ranking regularly as a way to monitor the progress of your site, even if it means losing or getting popularity. Of course, if you note that this is losing popularity, then you can fix it immediately.

Competitive analysis: Alexa can work as a competitive intelligence tool. This means that with data, you can do a competitive analysis to find out the extent to which the website of competition is attracting. You can also compare and compare your website to learn with the key competitors about how you all are against each other in terms of web popularity. Our remarkable tool, Alexa Checker, is just great for this because it allows you to check Alexa site information on many websites simultaneously.

Marketing Analysis: If you are an advertiser, Alexa Rank determines how popular a website is to you, so you know whether or not your ads are targeted at the site and at what price. In fact, rankings in Alexa are actually one of the factors that keep advertisers in mind to determine the marketing potential of targeted websites.

Alexa Rank categorizes websites according to “Global,” “Country,” and “Category”. With the “Country” and “Category” ranking, you can find out “Who is” according to the most visited websites in that country or industry, in particular countries or industries. You also get to see how your website and competitive websites rank each country and per category.

Now that you know what to do with Alexa Rank data, let’s actually check out my Alexa Rank (with Alexa SEO by Alexa SEO).

Why use Alexa rank checker?

There is a handful of Alexa site ranking on the market. Alex.com allows you to check the rankings of websites directly on your site through a dedicated page.

Then why should you use this special Alexa Web Rank Checker with small SEO tools? What is it that makes our tool different and unique from other similarities?

Okay, first of all, the fact is that our tool is built with the latest, most sophisticated technology, which is necessary to deliver the most accurate results you can trust.

Also, it is the easiest to use (we have analyzed other tools and none of them makes it easy).

But that’s not all: You can check out the Alexa Rank for many websites (up to 5) at a time with our Alexa analyzer completely for free.

Generally, you do not find this Alexa Rank with other checkers. You do not even get to analyze many websites on the Alex.com website.

Checking Alexa rank of many sites at the same time allows you to compare and contrast, which goes back to the marketing benefits of Alexa ranking checking.

In addition, we have developed this tool using a unique algorithm that carefully analyzes the URL that the user provides to deliver results. Our developers have ensured that everything is in trial and order so that we can give you trustworthy results.

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