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Why low-tech and outdoor play is trending in education

Imagine, your children are studying in an environment where tech free classrooms make your children do activities which they have never done before. You see not every time you need a gadget to understand the academic environment, textbooks can work wonders too. Recently, the hype of technology in education has been emerging faster. Educators or study geeks are emphasising traditional methods of teaching must convert into digital teaching.
It is believed that technology will open great opportunity for educations plans in a greater aspect. But high tech parents are pushing their kids to a low-tech no tech education.

Why is that so? Let’s find out.

High Tech Parents Are Transforming Low-Tech Learning Education

Do you know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs a public figure, have an approach to let their children tech free in education. The question is did the Silicon Valley parents have an idea behind the secret of gadgets. Bill Gates said in an interview that he does not allow his 14 year old to use smart phones or other tech at home. Another famous tech parent Steve jobs did not like the idea of children surfing the internet at the young age. Another parent is added from the Silicon Valley Koduri and Shahi, who have religiously obeyed to not follow the footsteps of normal parents. As such there home is free from all Gadgets and laptops. Even a latest IPad bought by Koduri is still right at the top of the shelf.

Thoughts Behind Low-Tech or Free Tech Education from Silicon Valley Parents

“You can’t put your face in a device and expect to develop a long-term attention span” said by Taewoo Kim. An AI engineer at the machine learning start up One Smart Lab told in an interview by business insider. A believer and a practitioner take his nephew and niece to a tech free environment, away from the digitalized world and let them be free in a silent, peaceful Buddhist temple.

He tries to keep them away from digital devices and encourage them in mind puzzle and screen free games. The veteran teachers and co-authors of screen schooled have evoked the possibilities of students misusing their brains in tech had made them dumber.

Through their book they have advice and aware parents for not making their kids tech freak at a young age. They are on a mission to create a school free from tech which is making students’ effect cognitive and social deficit at early age.

A New Approach In Education System In Bright Works

What makes the schools more interesting? When there aren’t any text books, any exams, nor assignments, any worries and tension of good grades. Wow, it’s like a dream come true. What if I told you such schools do exist? You would definitely want to enrol yourself in it. As a parent you would want your kids to be a part of this platform.
A school system Bright works; is on a mission to reshape education to unfold them in a learning experience created by them. Children at every age learn, experience, innovate their own tactics to learn, understand, and interpret education.

Creating A Tech Free Environment How It Is Possible

These schools we are talking about are totally different from traditional schools. If you roll your eyes around the other side of the picture, you would observe three types of schools out there. How it is possible right you might be thinking. Well, it’s true.

● One is a traditional school where you will find sophisticated way of learning which is quite boring. Reading through text, demanding to have good grades all can be found in it.
● The second most popular schooling system is high on demand. The modern school, equip modern learning methods, AI tech and virtual reality undergo in the education tactic.
● The third one is emphasised by Silicon Valley parents, no computer no smart phones approach is followed. Children do not put their faces on a screen 24/7 acquire knowledge while sitting on it. Instead, create a learning environment emphasise them the nature desire to learn.

“You don’t have many rules but one of them is that to play a video game you have to make it yourself” (Gever Tulley) Owner of Brightwork suggests.

Improve Cognitive Plus Social Interaction Through Outdoor Games

Talk about Brightwork we see children joining the free tech school system make remarkable changes. The owner address that their children do not just sit on the devices searching for essay writing help however, pull out their intrinsic ability to develop strong analytical and logical skills. Their approach to do whatever you feel like or what you are comfortable in but make them independent, try to come up with tactics to get deeper into it.

The founder of Bright work as an educational entrepreneur says

“Instead of school being about written tests, we’ve made it about games, puzzles and challenges [that child] devise themselves and solve together.

children comes to school to not study about boring literature or gathering knowledge from other authors but to work on project that is drive by them completely. Bright work is on an approach of stressful and carefree learning mechanism, where they will develop more experience through practical work.

Waldorf Classroom Setting An Environment learning through fun and experiences

Waldorf School are the pioneer in education field. The famous teaching philosophy of Waldorf has proven to be effective learning concepts, music, literature, theatre and dance are subjects that cannot be explained theoretically but experienced.

You just imagine as a kid to be in an environment where you are surrounded by colourful classrooms, pictures, themes. Play rooms are not just for fun but for practical work. Talking about Silicon Valley parents on of the chief tech officer of Ebay has enrolled their children in 9 grade classroom.

What is inside Waldorf and how children study in a tech free environment?

Well, in a math class you might see heavy math books and teachers explaining the terminologies of how this calculation drives from. But, in a Waldorf school teachers teach differently. They are ask to not see the broad and turn their body backward, then teachers ask them question through unison they solve problems. That’s more like a learning school.

Paul Thomas associate professor and former teacher,

“Teaching is a human experience,” he said. “Technology is a distraction when we need literacy, numeracy and critical thinking.

Parents who are happy to enroll their children in Waldorf says that interactions and indulge comes through the devotion of teachers with a creative lesson plan beforehand.

Future of Waldorf students are set to be bright, independent who will be great writers, teachers, entrepreneur these digital native carries on critical thinking abilities, mind creators, and analyst it the tech world. The children can be passionate writers who work on cheap essay writing service UK to create best essays for others.

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